J.B. Mauney

JB Mauney accident: The American professional rodeo cowboy, JB Mauney, was knocked senseless during the championship series. His ***** news goes viral on the internet. 

JB Mauney is an American professional rodeo cowboy who specializes in bull riding. He gained media fame after riding in the Professional Bull Riders (PBR). 

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Further, his fame skyrocketed after winning the world championship for the said organization in 2013 and 2015. Moreover, JB has been competing full-time in the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association (PRCA). 

Likewise, Mauney sometimes competed in the now-defunct Championship Bull Riding (CBR) circuit. And the Bull rider is also considered one of his generation’s most remarkable bull riders.

Mauney is famous for his incredible riding skills, and he has amassed a large fan following on the internet, where he has amassed more than 500k followers. 

Further, JB Mauney turned professional in 2005. He started his career in the vocation from his initial career as waste only rider to stay on Bushwacker for the entire 8 seconds on the Built Ford Tough Series (BFTS). 

JB Mauney Accident Details

The professional bull rider JB Mauney is no stranger to injuries. Mauney has been in the news headline after the news came out that he was knocked lifeless during the championship series.

According to the sources, the rider was thrown off his bull and banged the metal chute. The incident took off on Sunday, during which the championship was ongoing. 

The latest update reveals that JB was checked out on-site by the RodeoHouston sports medicine team. After a short treatment, he walked and talked shortly after.

J.B. Mauney accident
JB was injured and was left unconscious after being s thrown off his bull. (Source: Las Vegas Review-Journal)

Though the incident sounds minor, JB was prohibited from joining the championship; he didn’t participate further after the scare.

The Bull rider had enough points to place fourth. So, his fans are wishing for a speedy recovery as he is a living legend in the bull riders of his generation. 

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Bull Rider JB Mauney ***** News Goes Viral

Rodeo fans are concerned and worried about their favorite rider, JB Mauney, after he got an accident that barred him from taking further participation in the championship. 

Recently, the news came out that Muaney was injured and got in an accident, so following the news of his ***** news went viral. 

J.B. Mauney
J.B. Mauney has been the victim of social media ***** hoax. (Source: Instagram)

However, it has already been mentioned that Muaney is fine, and after the short treatment, he was able to talk and walk. So, fans should avoid such rumors, and this shouldn’t be circulated more as this may affect his mental health. 

Additionally, none of the official sites and Mauney’s family and management teams haven’t confirmed the news or updated anything much about the incident. Hence, the rodeo cowboys simply fall victim to ***** hoaxes on social media sources. 

Some of the glimpses of JBs from the 2021 National Finals Rodeo (NFR) are available online, where we can see how deadly Mauney was injured. 

JB Mauney Injury and Health Update

It was reported that JB was walking and talking shortly after, but the recent updates have not been shared with the media due to privacy concerns. The officials have also not provided an update on JB Mauney without permission.

Following that, we believe the bull rider is healing well. Prayers are also pouring on social media as the accident has scared everyone, creating ***** rumors.

J.B. Mauney
J.B. Mauney’s picture while he was injured in the 2021 National Finals Rodeo (NFR). (Source: Las Vegas Review-Journal)

It is false, as more details regarding the Bull Rider’s health are yet to come from the authorized department.

Meanwhile, JB was indeed hurt badly as he was left unconscious. However, we are unsure about his injuries too. So, all of the fans and well-wishers should keep him in our prayers and wait for more updates.

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