Jeff Hefner was a Pilot

John Rumpel pilot’s Jeff Hefner wikipedia and age is the most searched topic on the internet. Let’s know how old Jeff was. 

Jeff Hefner was mostly known as the pilot of John Rumpel. As per the records, he had an airline pilot rating that qualified him to fly Boeing 737 jets, among other aircraft.

Similalry, Jeff recently received a top-level medical certificate as recently as October. On the other hand, John Rumpel is a Florida-based businessman and prominent MAGA donor. 

Besides, John has identified himself as the owner of a Cessna passenger aircraft that crashed into Virginia Woods on Sunday, June 4, 2023.

John’s entire family was on the plane at the time of the crash. The plane that took off from Tennessee was carrying his daughter, his two-year-old grandchild and her nanny.

Additionally, the authorities have reported that the Cessna aircraft was registered to Encore Motors of Melbourne, Florida, under the name of John and his wife, Barbara Rumpel.

Who Is Jeff Hefner, John Rumpel Pilot?

Jeff Hefner was the experienced pilot flying the Cessna plane that crashed on Sunday along with three passengers near Waynesboro, Virginia, the Federal Aviation. 

According to the sources, Jeff was unresponsive, and the Cessna, after that, crashed, and there were no survivors.

Jeff Hefner
Jeff Hefner was an experienced pilot. (Source: CNN)

Similalry, a shortage of oxygen in the blood was why Jeff and three other passengers didn’t respond to attempts by air traffic controllers. Meanwhile, other civilian aircraft also tried to contact the ill-fated plane, but nobody responded. 

The businessman, Rumpel, revealed that his family, including his daughter, two-year-old granddaughter and her nanny was in the plane. 

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Jeff Hefner Wikipedia Bio Explored

John Rumpel’s pilot Jeff Hefner had an airline pilot rating that qualified him to fly Boeing 737 jets. Further, Hefner was one of the most experienced pilots, and following his demise, everyone remembers him as a good man. 

Besides that, the high aviator was a captain of Southwest Airlines, where he worked for more than 25 years. In addition to that, Hefner had over 25000 flight hours. It has been reported that Hefner joined Southwest Airlines in January 1993. 

FAA records show Jeff was a licensed airline transport pilot with commercial piloting privileges to fly single-engine land and seaplanes.

 Montebello plane crash
Rescue teams at the site of Sunday’s plane crash. (Source: CNN)

After retiring from Southwest Airlines, Hefner went on to be certified as a captain in various aircraft. According to his LinkedIn bio, Jeff was also the owner of JRH AvGroup. 

Regarding his educational history, Hefner went to the University of Houston. After receiving his bachelor’s degree, Jeff attended Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. 

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Jeff Hefner Age: Explore His Family Life 

Jeff Hefner age remains unknown as official sources have not given any information regarding the late pilot’s birth detail. 

His Linkedin account shows that Hefner was based in Satellite Beach, Florida, United States. Furthermore, Jeff was believed to be a family man who was living a happy life with his beloved wife, whose name has not been shared with the media yet. 

John and his wife, Barbara Rumpel
The Cessna aircraft owner, John and his wife, Barbara Rumpel. (Source: Daily Mail)

Reportedly, Jeff and his wife had also started their family and raised three children together. As of now, the Hefner family is mourning the loss of their family member as Jeff died in a recent plane crash. 

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