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Brazilian actor Jeff Machado’s body was discovered in a terrifying condition, which shocked everyone. Following his death, people are searching for Jeff Machado Wikipedia and age. 

On January 27, 2023, actor and journalist Jeff Machado was last seen reportedly after leaving a home in Campo Grande. His family reported that he was missing on January 28 and the alarm was raised when Jeff’s eight dogs were discovered abandoned.

This was considered unusual since it was said that the acting personality loved animals and would never leave them being a dog dad.

Moreover, Machado’s mom stated that he sent her a message on 29th January. It was detailed that Jeff was staying at a friend’s home while attending a job interview. 

His dead body has now been discovered following his missing declaration by the Delegacia de Descoberta de Paradeiros (DDPA) on 9th February 2023.

People are left wondering about the reasons behind this horrific act of violence as detectives piece together the events leading up to it.

As people are searching for Jeff Machado’s Wikipedia and age following his death, we have got you covered.

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Jeff Machado Wikipedia And Age

Following Jeff’s tragic demise, people worldwide are searching for his Wikipedia whereabouts to know him better alongside his age.

Well, his details have been covered in a Wikipedia page under the name Jeff Machado case which explains his missing and death scenario alongside the suspect. 

He was born Jefferson Machado da Costa in Ararangua, Santa Catarina to his doting and supportive parents. Jeff was a dashing actor and prolific journalist who had worked on RecordTV, the soap opera Reis. 

Furthermore, Jeff moved to Rio de Janeiro from Santa Catarina in 1997 to pursue an acting career which was his lifelong passion.

 Jeff Machado Wikipedia
Jeff Machado was working hard to establish his distinct and unique identity in the entertainment sector. (Source: Instagram)

But in 2008, he came back to his hometown, specifically to Florianopolis, and returned to continue his work in the journalism sector. 

Later, the actor moved back to Rio in 2014 and from 2021-2022, he got a job at telenovela Reis.

Speaking of the Brazilian actor Jeff Machado’s age, he was 44 years old at the time of his death having been born in 1979. 

Family Missing And Found Dead Case

As stated earlier, Jeff Machado went missing in January 2023 and his hopeless family reported his missing case on 27 Jan after his eight pet dogs were witnessed roaming near his home streets.

An NGO found Jeff Machado’s dogs via the animal chips and subsequently took them in.

Jeff Machado Wikipedia
Jeff Machado’s missing and death case has raised several questions in the public mass and media. (Source: Instagram)

On February 7, 2023, his family members learned that the actor’s mobile phone’s cloud service password was changed and the GPS location had been turned off.

Eventually, his dead body was discovered on May 22nd, 2023, in Rua Itueira, within the Campo Grande area, in a place that his friend Bruno Larrubia had been renting since the end of 2022, the family was told on May 24.

Jeff Machado Death Case Suspect

As the family grieves and gets ready to bring the actors remains back to Santa Catarina, the police inquiry continues.

The actor’s body being discovered marks a change in focus from a missing person’s inquiry to a potential murder investigation or homicide.

Information about how police officials were led to the scene also remains unclear.

Nonetheless, the Rio de Janeiro Missing Persons Department has put a lot of effort into this case. To prevent any potential intervention, they asked the family and friends to keep the search private.

Although the investigation is going on, Bruno Larrubia, one of Jeff Machado’s friends is currently the main suspect.

Days after the actor vanished, he might have tried to sell the victim’s possessions, such as a car and a home, while telling the relatives of the victim that this had been Jeff’s request, which increased the family member’s suspicions.

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