Jeff Ross Illness

Jeff Ross illness has been a common topic of interest among the comedian’s fans. Does he have cancer? Here is a health update on America’s beloved funnyman.

Ross is a stand-up comedian and actor best known for his insult comedy.

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He is often called “Roastmaster general” and has roasted celebrities at the Comedy Central Roast and Historical Roasts. 

The beloved comedian has also been open about his struggle with alopecia several years ago, causing permanent baldness.

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Jeff Ross Illness And Health Update- Does He Have Cancer?

Jeff Ross illness rumors are not true since the comedian is doing fine and actively performing his stand-up routines.

The 58-year-old is currently on a US Tour with his performances.

Jeff Ross Illness
Jeff Ross is currently on a US Tour with his comedy show. (Source: Instagram)

The 2023 Life & ***** Tour by Jeff Ross kickstarted on February 24 in Brea, California, and the next show is scheduled for March 11 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The tour is set for 14 different cities across the United States, the last being the June 2 and 3 show in Huntsville, Alabama.

Hence, Jeff Ross illness is a false rumor, as the comedian is still actively touring in the US and has no significant health issues. 

Ross does not have cancer. Nevertheless, the comedian has been open about his hair loss and baldness due to alopecia.

Jeff Ross Suffers From Alopecia

American comedian Jeff Ross is an Alopecia patient, due to which he has permanent baldness in his head.

The 58-year-old wrote an article for LA Mag last April titled, “And the Oscar Goes to… Alopecia!”

In the article, Ross revealed that he discovered that he suffered from Alopecia several years ago.

Alopecia is most common in men, a hair loss disease caused by hormonal changes, heredity, medical conditions, or aging. 

Ross wrote that he first noticed a clump of hair coming out in his hand and was completely bald within a couple of weeks.

Then his eyebrows fell out, followed by his eyelashes. Ross became worried that his future as a comedian was in jeopardy due to his hairless looks.

However, after consulting his doctor and knowing that it is a common illness and not life-threatening, Jeff learned to embrace his baldness.

Jeff Ross is open about his struggle with alopecia. (Source: Instagram)

The 58-year-old wrote how last year’s Oscar Awards and the huge Will Smith slap on Chris Rock was a turning point for alopecia awareness.

The Oscar for Best Actor winner’s wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, who had recently revealed that she suffered from alopecia and was bald, came to the award show without any wig, embracing the hair loss.

However, unaware of Jada’s alopecia, Chris Rock made fun of her shaved head, comparing her to Demi Moore’s bald looks in G.I. Jane.

Indeed, Alopecia awareness increased significantly following the bitter Oscar incident.

Thus, Jeff Ross rightfully called Alopecia the real winner of last year’s Oscar.

Jeff Ross Family Ethnicity And Career

Jeff Ross was born to a Jewish family on September 13, 1965. He has a younger sister, Robyn.

Ross was raised in Newark, New Jersey, and moved to Union and Springfield. He attended Jonathan Dayton High School.

The comedian’s mother passed away when he was 14 due to leukemia.

His father owned Clinton Manor Catering, a business started by his great-grandmother. Jeff’s father died when he was 19 due to drug-related causes.

Ross graduated from the Boston University College of Communication in 1987 with a broadcasting and film studies degree.

As a student, he was an audio engineer and music director for the university’s public radio station WBUR.

Soon, Jeff started doing comedy shows and became a master of insult comedy, known for roasting volunteers in his shows.

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