Jenna Ellis Parents

After the charges in the indictment of false election claims of Donald Trump, people are eager to know about Judge Jenna Ellis parents and her family details.

Jenna Lynn Ellis is an American conservative lawyer who rose to prominence after her work as a member of Donald Trump’s legal team.

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Jenna was a former deputy district attorney in Weld County, Colorado. Similarly, she has presented as a constitutional law attorney during cable news appearances despite her numerous controversies.

In 2019, thirty-eight years old lawyer Jenna Ellis was hired by Trump as a senior legal advisor.

The effect of it, in March 2023, she was publicly rebuked by the chief disciplinary judge of the Colorado Supreme Court for false indictment.

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Jenna Ellis Parents: Who Is Her Father, Dave Ellis, And Mother?

Jenna was born on November 1, 1984, in Colorado, United States as the only daughter of her father, Dave Ellis, and mother, Valerie Watts Ellis.

Jennas’ father, Dave, is also a political worker and a role model for her political career. His advice and instincts are decisive for the daughter Jenna’s career plan.

Similarly, her mother is close to Jenna; the mother-daughter relationship is genuinely admirable. Jennas’ mother, Valerie, is a certified travel Afent at Vacation by Valerie.

She runs the corporation at home, and most of the work is done through phone calls. In October 2010, she started her career and has been dedicated to her work since then.

Nowadays, she regulates her work via the website. Valerie mainly plans trips within the territory of the United States, the Caribbean Sea, Europe, South America, and Mexico.

Jenna Ellis Parents
Jenna Ellis has the most considerable parents and she is also respectful to them. (Source: Twitter)

Father Dave and mother Valerie are very much considerate towards daughter Jenna. Her parents homeschooled her, and when she was nineteen years old, she was first enrolled at “Cedarville University” and later transferred to Colorado State University.

Her hometown is Colorado; therefore, her parents requested the “Cedarville Uni” chairman to transfer their precious daughter near to them.

Even now, thirty-eight years old Jenna Eills is dearest to her father and mother. Like the same, Jeena also respects and loves her parents.

She often posts statements on her Facebook account showing gratitude towards her parents, father, and mother for her programs and talk shows several times.

Jenna Ellis Husband And Family Details

On April 19, Jenna announced her engagement with documentary producer and weekly new columnist David Rives.

After dating for years, the couple announced that their relationship had moved further and closer.

David is an American author, lecturer, researcher, and tv personality. He writes weekly science and biblical news columns.

Similarly, he also shows a host of the monthly show ” Creation in the 21st Century- aired on TBN. In addition to it, he frequently appeared on the radio and channel networks.

Jenna Ellis Parents
Jenna Ellis was engaged to David Rives in 2019 but they separated in the consecutive year. (Source: Twitter)

The relationship between Jenna and David was well-praised by many, and the couple was about to get married. But, suddenly, they decide to part ways and lead their life separately.

The exact reason for their separation is yet to be disclosed, and the public is still waiting for the statement from both of them.

After the first relationship fails, Jenna Ellis has been quite secretive about her private matters, and her present relationship status is unknown to the public.

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