Jennifer Long Husband

Dennis Gardiner is Jennifer Long husband and Tyler Gardiner’s father. He was not informed of Tyler’s ***** for several days and demanded justice for his son.

An 8-year-old boy from Alabama, Tyler Gardiner, was stabbed in his house on 16 March 2023.

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What shocked the public is Tyler Gardiner’s mother, Jennifer Nicole Long, has been identified as the only suspect in the brutal crime.

Police officers found the eight-year-old boy lying lifelessly in the master bedroom of his mother’s house in Hatselle. The victim’s mother has been charged with capital ******.

Jennifer Long’s husband and Tyler Gardiner’s father, Dennis Gardiner, demanded justice for his late son.

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Jennifer Long Husband Dennis Gardiner

Dennis Gardiner is the husband of Jennifer Long and Tyler Gardiner. The heartbroken father is demanding justice for his beloved baby boy.

Dennis Gardiner is a resident of Pensacola, Florida. He said he was unaware of his son’s ***** for several days. On top of that, he discovered the tragic truth through social media.

Jennifer Long Husband
Jennifer Long reportedly stabbed her son, Tyler Gardiner (pictured above). (Image Source: WAFF)

Gardiner said he is distraught and wishes justice would be served for his son.

“I am a Christian, but for what she (Jennifer Long) did to my boy, I hope they pull every bit of hair right off her head,” said Tyler Gardiner’s dad.

“She tortured him. She cut him first. When the grandfather arrived, he didn’t even attempt to get my son. Unfortunately, he was cut, but Tyler died because he (Tyler’s grandfather) never attempted to get my son,” added Dennis.

“Everyone in that d— area is a coward. They never once attempted to help a helpless young boy in the presence of a crazed adult woman brandishing a knife,” Gardiner continued.

The grieving father questioned, “What is this world going to that you can’t even help an 8-year-old?

Sadly, this is not the only son Dennis Gardiner has lost. He claimed he lost a son to a drunk driver in 1991 and is devastated to relive the same horror again.

Tyler Gardiner Mother Arrested For Stabbing Him

On 16 March 2023, an emergency call operator responded to a call at about 5:30 am Thursday regarding the stabbing ****** at home.

The Priceville Police Department assisted Morgan County Deputies as they arrived at the site on Village Dr close to Hartselle, according to the sheriff’s office.

Once on the scene, deputies discovered an adult male with a stab wound and a dead 8-year-old child.

The survivor, who has since been identified as Charles Long, was airlifted to Huntsville Hospital after receiving treatment at the crime scene.

Charles Long is Tyler Gardiner’s grandfather and Jennifer Long’s father.

Investigators revealed that Jennifer Long was arrested at the homicide scene. The defendant told responding officers her son was dead in a bedroom.

According to the affidavit, Charles Long requested responding Deputy Pepper to check on the boy because he was worried that his daughter might harm the boy.

Tyler Gardiner Had Multiple Stab Wounds

Authorities said the 8-year-old boy, Tyler Gardiner, was found dead in the master bedroom and had multiple stab wounds.

Also, the knife was reportedly still protruding from Tyler’s chest.

Jennifer Long is charged with capital ****** of a person under 14. As reported by Law & Crime, the intentional ****** of a person under the age of fourteen constitutes a potential ***** penalty crime.

Additional charges are still pending as of this writing.

Tyler’s school was informed of his passing, according to a later update from the sheriff’s office. All who knew the victim said that he was a joy.

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