Jeremy Elbertson Murder

Jeremy Elbertson has been arrested in charge of murdering six people after he let his viewers decide when to hit the brake while driving.

The Boston Police Department detained Jeremy Elbertson, better known by his online alias Jerma985 after he killed six people during a bizarre, avant-garde stream in which he allowed chat users to decide whether or not his car was allowed to stop.

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One of the biggest success stories on Twitch is probably Jerma985. Jerma gained some followers on YouTube before switching to live to stream, significantly increasing it. 

He was a leading figure in absurdist humor, which he keeps advancing in his broadcasts. Here is all the information you need to know about Jerma.

Jeremy Elbertson Murder: What Did He Do?

The notorious Twitch creator, according to the Boston Police Department, was one of their targets.

Jerma started at the top of the stream, saying hello to everyone and saying that, rather than playing Breath of the Wild, he would test his luck by flying down the interstate at 90 mph.

When he took a break, he continued by saying that viewers could cast their votes.

Additionally, he disclosed that any donations would increase his speed, and any Prime subscriptions would cause him to veer into oncoming traffic briefly.

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He would probably just finish the stream with some Gang Beasts or something if he survives.

Is Jeremy Elbertson Arrested? What Did Youtuber Do? 

The Boston Police Department arrested Jeremy Elbertson after he killed six people.

According to BPD spokesperson David Pryce, they forced Mr. Elbertson’s car off the road last night and then arrested him near Fifth and Turner.

The Police were able to track Jeremy’s real-time location (Source:

He added that they could track Jerma’s location in real-time thanks to his Livestream and that enough officers had subscribed and voted for Jerma to stop his car and turn himself into the Police.

After fellow streamer STAR was chosen by Twitch chat to serve as Jerma’s legal council, legal experts claimed they did not like his chances of being released at the time of publication.

Twitch Moderator Reaction To Jeremy Elbertson Stream

Kevin Foxx, a Twitch moderator, said it was cool to see a streamer take such an interest in interacting with his chat in that way.

It was a nice change of pace because, according to him, most people could hardly even respond to questions in chat, much less allow the conversation to assume the role of God.

As usual, Jerma’s production value was top-notch. To make sure any hit pedestrians didn’t survive if the chat didn’t want them to, he purchased a massive SUV specifically for this stream. As a streamer, he is also incredibly focused and concentrated.

When someone died, he would look ahead at the road indifferently, waiting for the following chat command without pausing to consider the repercussions.

How Did Jeremy Elbertson Become Famous?

Currently, Jerma985 is best known for his Twitch streams, but he first became well-known online as a Team Fortress 2 content producer. 

Numerous videos of Jerma playing Valve’s class-based shooter alone or with other content producers are still available on his original YouTube channel.

August 2017 saw the release of his most recent YouTube video on his main channel. He continues to publish frequently on his alternative channel, 2ndJerma.

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Jerma, already fairly well-known, shot to fame after switching to Twitch.

Jerma has become one of the most well-liked channels on the platform since he began streaming regularly on Twitch in November 2018. Jerma averaged over 14,000 viewers and more than 3 million hours of viewing in 2022.

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