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Iowa teen is jailed for killing his teacher over bad grades. Is he arrested and charged? Here is everything on Jeremy Goodale trial and verdict. 

17 years old Willard Miller and co-defendant Jeremy Goodale, 18, attacked Nohema Graber, 66, after she marked down Miller’s work. 

Both kids pleaded guilty to the murder in April 2023 after they attacked the 66-year-old in November 2021 while she was on her way in Fairfield, Iowa.

The incident shook the southeast Iowa city and people across the state people. People started passing their views and opinion about what happened with Goodale, that two teen kids ended her life as she had so much to do. 

Although the news is a couple of years old, this is much more painful to Nohema’s family and close ones as it haunts them every day they spend without her. 

Jeremy Goodale Trial And Verdict

Jeremy Goodale, now 18 guilty Tuesday in the 2021 murder of Fairfield High School Spanish teacher Nohema. Nearly after 18 months, both the kids, Jeremy and Willard, pleaded guilty to first-degree murder Tuesday in Jefferson County Court.

As per the sources, both the kids were 16 years old when they were charged with November 3, 2021, attacking and murdering Fairfield High School teacher Nohema Graber; the teacher’s dead body was later discovered in a Fairfield city park, hidden under a tarp. 

Jeremy Goodale trial and verdict
Jeremy Goodale and Willard Miller pleaded guilty to first-degree murder Tuesday in Jefferson County Court. (Source: Des Moines Register)

As the news was confirmed and shared on the media sources, it left the community of 9,600 in deep shock and mourning over the loss of the well-regarded educator. 

On April 2023, Goodale agreed to testify against former classmate Willard Miller during the latter’s upcoming trial. William had been scheduled to be tried starting Friday in Council Bluffs.

Similarly, the court TV has been set to carry the proceedings live for its national audience. 

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Jeremy Goodale Arrest And Charge For Killing Nohema Graber

Jeremy Goodale was 16 when he beat Nohema Graberher to death with a baseball bat and boasted about it on social media.

So, multiple questions about Goodale’s arrest and charges have been asked as people are waiting for the hearings.

According to the Daily Mail, Willard was sentenced to life behind bars On July 7; meanwhile, Goodale’s sentencing is scheduled for August 23.

Jeremy Goodale arrest and charge
Jeremy Goodale’s sentencing is scheduled for August 23. (Source: Des Moines Register)

Additionally, the kids will be jointly liable for $150,000 in restitution to Graber’s family. In sentencing the teenager, District Court Judge Shawn Showers accepted both the kids’ being of a young age but noted he had ‘cut Nohema Graber’s precious life short.’

Similalry, on Thursday, Miller was convicted of life in prison with the chance of parole only after at least 35 years, on the other hand, the details on Goodale arrest and charge will be updated soon. 

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Who Was Nohema Graber? 

Nohema Graber was born in Mexico. She previously worked as a flight attendant and later as a pilot with the now-defunct Mexicana de Aviacion airline.

Further, Graber moved to Fairfield and received an English degree in the 1990s from Iowa Wesleyan University in 2006. She also taught Spanish at Ottumwa High School until 2012 and at Fairfield High School, serving there until her death.

Nohema Graber bio
Nohema Graber was a Spanish teacher at Iowa Wesleyan University and mother of three adult children. (Source: BBC News)

Apart from her professional career, she was also a mother of three adult children. And her ex-husband was survived by several siblings and many nephews and nieces. 

In remembrance of Graber, her family called her an “absolute angel,” Fairfield schools Superintendent Lauri Noll said Graber “touched the lives of many students, parents and staff” in her nine years at Fairfield High.

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