Jerry Schilling is an actor and producer

Jerry Schilling obituary news is making headlines on the internet. Netizens are wondering why his ***** news is trending online, So check out below!

The talented American actor and producer Jerry Schilling has been a fan’s concern lately after his ***** news was circulated on the internet. 

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The actor is best known for his portraits with Elvis Presley and as a member of Presley’s Memphis Mafia.

Similarly,  his clients include the Beach Boys, Lisa Marie Presley and Jerry Lee Lewis. Along with his acting career, Jerry is known for his producing career. 

Likewise, he is the executive producer of the series Elvis & Nixon and Elvis Presley: The Searcher, and he is also credited for producing Elvis: The Great Performances. 

Additionally, Jerry started his career as a co-producer in 1990. Since then, he has been making big impacts in the American entertainment world.

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Jerry Schilling Obituary News

The American actor Jerry Schilling obituary has been searched by multiple people online. However, this needs to be cleared up; Jerry is not dead yet. 

The actor is still alive, and he is doing well, so people must stop searching for his obituary and try to be concerned with the truth first.

Jerry Schilling Obituary News
Jerry Schilling with  Lisa Marie Presley earlier this month; they were a best friend. (Source: People)

Schilling has always been a fan’s nearest and dearest actor, and since the beginning of his acting career, he has gained popularity for his amazing acting skills. 

Jerry has a successful and long career history, and he is still kicking off his professional career. So, the rumors about his ***** and obituary must be stopped as soon as possible, as this may affect his mental health. 

Why Jerry Schilling ***** News Trending?

Jerry Schilling ***** news has been the most recently searched topic on the internet. Fans and well-wishers are shocked at how fake rumors about his ***** are swirling all over the internet without concern for the facts. 

Well, the reason why Schilling’s ***** news is trending is that on January 2023, the producer paid tribute to his late best friend, Lisa Marie Presley, on Sunday morning at Graceland.

Similarly, at the memorial, Jerry recalls Final Days with Lisa, where he said, “As I was in the hospital with her father when Priscilla was giving birth, I was at the hospital with her mother when she left us.”

Jerry Schilling ***** News Trending
Jerry Schilling paying tribute to his late best friend,  Lisa Marie Presley at her Memorial. (Source: People)

The video is trending on the internet, and fans are praising on their friendship, considering Jerry’s heartfelt words for Lisa. So, with the trending news of Lisa’s *****, people might have been mistaken about the ***** of Jerry. 

Although Schilling is famous worldwide, he maintains distance from the media appearance, and his disappearance might have caused people to circulate rumors about his *****. 

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Where Is Jerry Schilling Now?

After the ***** rumors of Jerry Schilling were shared widely on the internet, people began searching for his whereabouts. In early 2023, he was seen giving tribute to his best friend, Lisa. 

Jerry Schilling Jerry Schilling
Jerry Schilling and Lisa Marie walking on a red carpet together. (Source: Instagram)

However, due to his lack of presence on social media platforms, Schilling’s work on a project remains unknown at the moment. 

So, the latest details about Jerry’s whereabouts stay questionable. However, it can be assumed that he must be kicking off his acting and producing career. 

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