Jerry Springer

Jerry Springer wife Micki Velton lived with her husband Jerry but due to some conflicts, the couple divorced and started to live apart from each other.

Many are now looking up for Jerry Springer wife and other private details as news about the journalist’s death is confirmed in the media.

According to a family representative, Jerry had a brief illness. The politician’s condition deteriorated last week after receiving a pancreatic cancer diagnosis a few months ago.

Springer passed away quietly at his home in the Chicago region on Thursday morning, according to the sources.

Jerry was a legendary talk show host, actor, and producer. In his career, Springer also served as a lawyer for a brief time and politician.

From 1977 to 1978, the journalist was Cincinnati’s 56th mayor. The host was best known for launching the Jerry Springer Podcast in 2015 and for anchoring the tabloid talk program Jerry Springer.

America’s Got Talent was hosted by Springer from 2007 to 2008, and from September 2019 until 2022, Judge Jerry was his courtroom program. In several places in the late 1990s, Jerry’s show even outperformed Oprah Winfrey’s.

Jerry Springer Wife Micki Velton Relationship 

The late Jerry Springer’s wife’s name was Micki Velton. The couple exchanged marital vows in 1973 before dating each other for a couple of years.

Jerry and Micki met and got a chance to grow their relationship while Micki Velton was employed by Proctor & Gamble.

Jerry’s wedding was a private event with little media attention because he had just started his political career. Springer and Micki had a private, loving marriage that was only known to a select group of friends and relatives.

Jerry Springer’s wife is a secretive person who keeps her sensitive information hidden. Regarding her upbringing, parents, and siblings, she has remained silent.

Jerry Springer wife
Jerry Springer was captured holding hands with his ex-wife, Micki Velton. (Source: Briefly)

On the other side, Jerry maintained a necessary distance from his personal life and never spoke openly about his wife and marriage.

After two years of marriage, Jerry Springer wife, gave birth to their daughter in 1976 and later named her Katie Springer.

Speaking of Katie, she became deaf within a year, and she was visually impaired. Katie has a generally favorable opinion of her parents as adults. 

Springer’s daughter expressed her appreciation for her parents’ unwavering devotion in one of her interviews with the media.

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Jerry Springer Divorce Story

As odd as it may sound, Jerry Springer, the presenter of The Jerry Springer Show, who frequently gives relationship counseling and works to preserve marriages, was unable to save his relationship.

After over 21 years of marriage, the host and Jerry Springer’s wife parted ways, which was surprising given their original attraction.

Although Jerry hasn’t publicly addressed his relationship status, it was said that the presenter had several sexual relationships back when he hosted The Jerry Springer Show.

More than two decades have passed since Jerry and Micki were divorced, but Jerry hasn’t been married since his separation from his wife.

Jerry Springer
Jerry Springer best known for his TV talk shows, has died aged 79. (Source: KTLA)

The legendary host kept the details of their divorce a secret from the public, although Springer acknowledged engaging a prostitute in 1971. It was claimed that their marital infidelity may have been the primary cause of their divorce.

Also, an accusation was made by one of the former program producers, who said that finding ladies for Jerry to have sex with was their main responsibility and that creating the show was only a minor portion of their job.

According to the producer, Jerry Springer lacks moral integrity, and while creating his show, their actual responsibility was to find the hosts with attractive women, strippers, and pornstars.

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