Jess Hilarious Controversy

Jess Hilarious controversy has again gained attraction on social media as the comedian has repeated her old habit- triggering the audiences.

Jessica Robin Moore, widely recognized as Jess Hilarious, kick-started her comedy journey by sharing amusing videos on social media.

Hailing from Baltimore City, Jess embodies a raw urban comedy style and her humour is known for being straightforward and unfiltered.

With a background in Stand-Up Comedy, she has gained popularity through her appearances on MTV’s Wild N Out Season 9 and various VH1 shows.

Recently, she made headlines due to her involvement in a Trans Vs. Cisgender controversy, with discussions arising about her defending biological women.

Let’s look at the controversy that has surrounded the life of Hilarious.

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Jess Hilarious Controversy: Is She Transphobic?

The controversy surrounding Jess Hilarious revolves around her comments during an online debate over transphobia and womanhood, terming her as transphobic.

Her remarks defending biological women and expressing about transgender individuals have sparked intense debates on social media.

To illustrate, the controversy erupted in response to TS Madison, a trans television personality and LGBT activist.

Jess Hilarious Controversy
In a talk segment with TS Madison, Hilarious expressed her dissatisfaction with trans woman (Source: Hollywood Unlocked)

The talk was on supporting a TikTok video addressing the concept of cis (biological) women “gatekeeping” menstrual cycles.

The video pointed out that cisgender women should not lay claim to womanhood and periods, deeming it “transphobic” to do so.

Jess, in defence of naturally born women, went on a passionate rant, asserting that biological women need more support and that transgender are living in delusion.

“Who the f— is gonna stand up for us? Who the f— stands up for us? And us, I mean women, real women, biological women, women who born with all the parts that you guys wish that you were. When does the delusion stop? What is the difference between you and someone who has been diagnosed to be mentally insane? The only difference is you don’t have a straitjacket on.”

This intense exchange ignited widespread debates across the internet, with some attributing the contentious nature of how the message was delivered.

In contrast, others vehemently align themselves with one side of the argument.

Comedian Jess Hilarious: Read The Racist Rumors

Besides making transphobic remarks, Jess Hilarious has also faced criticism for spreading racist comments.

The comedian, known for her role in the Fox comedy “Rel,” found herself defending against allegations of racism after expressing feeling “nervous” about having four men in turbans on her flight.

Although the social media post has been deleted, it caused controversy and led to accusations of racial insensitivity.

Jess Hilarious took to social media to address the situation and defend herself.

Jess Hilarious Controversy
Jess Hilarious has previously presented a racist comment while travelling (Source: National Today)

The incident occurred shortly after a devastating event in which at least 50 people died in a lethal attack on two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Following the recent media drama, TS Madison addressed her position and clarified that she considers herself an ally of transgender and cisgender (biological) women.

On July 24, the TV personality shared a video clip from her previous appearance on Amanda Seales’ Small Doses podcast in April 2023.

In the video, TS Madison discussed the misconception that some cisgender women believe she is jealous of them.

She also stated that she does not harbour any hatred towards Black women. However, Hilarious has garnered plenty of backlash after she gave her opinion.

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