Jessy Bunny Plastic Surgery

People want to know about Jessy Bunny Plastic Surgery. A young woman spent $70,000 transforming into a human Barbie doll, and now her family won’t even talk to her.

‘Jessy Bunny,’ an Instagram model, has been ghosted by her family due to new appearances. The 21-year-old wants additional surgery to resemble a real-life Barbie doll.

She claims she can no longer speak with her parents, grandparents, or brother.

A 21-year-old lady who aspires to become a “human Barbie doll” claims her entire family has abandoned her due to the extreme change.

To mimic the well-known doll, Jessica, also known as Jessy Bunny online, a German-born Instagram model, has undergone plastic surgery costing over $70,000.

According to the young woman, the three-year metamorphosis gave her her “dream body,” but at a cost, she never anticipated to pay: her family.

Read on to learn more about Jessy Bunny Plastic Surgery details and see her before and after photos.

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Jessy Bunny Plastic Surgery Before And After Photo

A 21-year-old woman who spent more than $70,000 on cosmetic surgery to transform herself into a “human Barbie” claims that her entire family has cut her off because of the startling change.

German-born Jessica, now named Jessy Bunny, disclosed her measurements in her Instagram bio.

She labels herself a fashion model with a cup size of “2000 cc (cubic centimeters) and growing,” she also mentions that her measures are growing.

Jessy Bunny Plastic Surgery
Jessy Bunny plastic surgery before and after. (Source: Instagram)

According to Yahoo News, Ms. Jessy lives in Vienna and has had three breast augmentations, citing Austrian news source Heute.

She also underwent surgeries to enlarge her lips and bottom, and nose surgery. She has stated that she has spent about $73,000 on surgery.

In an interview with Heute, Jessica stated that she might see herself undergoing several additional procedures, that’s why Jessy Bunny Plastic Surgery is trending all over the internet.

Still, she also stated that her family had not supported her metamorphosis. Ms. Jessy disclosed that her family had disregarded her text messages and barred her phone calls.

Family Concerns Of Jessy Bunny

According to Ms. Jessy, she is perplexed by how her family has responded to her decision to alter her physical appearance.

She admitted that although pretending to be “cool and solid” during her adolescence, she was never at ease and wasn’t being genuine to herself.

The 21-year-old claimed that her parents had extremely traditional views on education. Even silk scarves were given to her so she could hide her cleavage.

Jessy Bunny Plastic Surgery
A German-born Instagram model named Jessica, sometimes known online as Jessy Bunny, has spent over $70,000 on plastic surgery to resemble the doll. (Source: News 24)

However, when she reached 17, she eventually moved out to begin her physical change.

Ms. Jessy used funds she received from her parents to take driving lessons to pay for her first breast surgery.

She claimed that her initial breast augmentation had given her “a huge confidence boost,” she now intends to make her entire body look like a “total Barbie doll.”

She said that she felt content and at ease when she woke up in the morning.

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