Jiji Plays

Jiji Plays red room video scandal has been the talk of the town for a few weeks now. Here’s what we know about the viral video.

Jiji Plays is a video game creator from Asia who has accumulated more than 258k subscribers on her self-titled YouTube channel. Since September 2020, Jiji has been active on YouTube and has come a long way.

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Furthermore, Jiji does live streams on YouTube, and her gameplay has dragged many people’s eyes. Due to that, she has also been able to amass a considerable number of followers on social media.

Apart from being famous as a gamer, Jiji Plays is currently in the spotlight and has been dragged into controversy. So, if you are also concerned about the ongoing rumors, keep reading till the end.

Jiji Plays Red Room Video Scandal Explained

Jiji Plays is in the limelight for the wrong reason, as her red room video scandal is going viral on social media.

Social media users are saying that she is the lady appearing in an explicit video that has been trending on Twitter.

Jiji Plays Red Room Video Scandal
Jiji Plays Red Room video is going viral on social media, mainly on Twitter. ( Source: Twitter )

Some social media users say that Jiji Plays was seen kissing a boy. The video of Jiji and a boy sharing an intimate scene is viral on Twitter, which people criticize. Many media outlets are also making news related to this topic.

Despite the ongoing rumors, Jiji Plays has not commented or reacted to the ongoing gossip. She may open her mouth and address the issue soon as her followers ask for it.

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Who Is Jewelry Hershey Dela Cerna?

Jewelry Hershey Dela Cerna is reported to be the actual name of Jiji Plays, a gaming content creator based in Asia. As said earlier, she has been active on YouTube since 2020.

At a young age, Jiji established a name for herself and is still working hard for it. Jiji shared a video on YouTube on March 24, 2022, showing that she bought a new House, which was pretty amazing.

Jiji Plays Car
Jiji Plays shares a photo in front of an amazing car. ( Source: Instagram )

Her fans and well-wishers quickly congratulated Jiji Plays and left sweet comments in the video’s comment section. At the time of this post, she gained over 258k subscribers on her YouTube channel.

On the other hand, Jiji previously had a Facebook page that now seems disabled. Also, we can find her on Instagram under the username @jhewelryhershey_.

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Jiji Plays Age and Wikipedia Explored

In 2022, Jiji Plays was reported to be 14 years old. So, now it can be said that she is 16 years old.

There is very little information regarding her birthdate and early life, as Jiji Plays have kept all the information confidential. According to Candy, she is enrolled at UST Angelicum College.

As she is doing well in her professional life, Jiji Plays is paying tuition fees on her own. It is reported that Jiji Plays picked her passion for gaming from her Father, as he is a Mobile Legends fan. 

Jiji Plays Friends
Jiji Plays shares a photo with her close friends. ( Source: Instagram )

It’s just been a few years since her career in this field, but she has already established a name for herself. She rose to fame after collaborating with another content creator.

Furthermore, Jiji Plays is paying tuition fees and bought a new House for her family.

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