Jim Irsay Health Update

Get updated on Jim Irsay’s health and illnesses. Concerned people have made Irsay’s health a topic to discuss.

Irsay is the chairman and CEO of the Indianapolis Colts of the National Football League (NFL). Along with Jim Irsay, his Father was also a great businessman; he owned a football team until his death.

Irsay often invested in football teams; besides that, he has invested in music and memorabilia.

After the news about his struggle and getting arrested for DUI was published, people were curious to learn about his current health.

Read further to get more idea about his current health and illness. This article will include everything you need to learn about his health issues.

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Jim Irsay Health Update: Is The CEO Of The Indianapolis Colts An Alcoholic?

Irsay has been doing good with his health condition; he is battling alcoholism and addiction. When battling alcoholism, he mentioned that this addiction is a disease that can also sometimes hamper your mental health.

When he was making his way to get clean, he made it a personal mission to help people such as that homeless woman and many others by breaking down barriers surrounding mental health.

Before sharing information about battling addiction, he was arrested. Irsay has been charged under suspicion of DUI and drug possession in Indiana.

His charges were released soon, but the news regarding his arrest and charges went on for a long time.

People assumed that it might also affect his business, but it did not change his career life.

Besides, he has not been arrested or suffered from any health issues. He has come clean for a long time and has been aware of mental health issues.

The CEO Of The Indianapolis Colts is clean and has not been using alcohol, so he is not an alcoholic. 

The CEO was very open about his health condition and battling alcoholism; Irsay was very open about discussing his past troubles because they helped define the man he is now.

Colts' Jim Irsay opens up about alcoholism, addiction
Colts’ Jim Irsay opens up about alcoholism and addiction. (Source: USA Today)

The current goal of Irsay is to change the narrative surrounding mental health issues. The main point is he is okay and doing well with his health and his mental issues. 

People were curious if his addiction had put his health in a lousy condition, but he is fine now and living a healthy life with his family. 

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Net Worth of The CEO Of The Indianapolis Colts

Jim Irsay is a well-known and settled businessman; his current net worth is USD 3.5 million, per the Sources.

Irsay was born into a wealthy family; his Father was a businessman until his death. His Father built a fortune estimated to be over $150 million through successful heating and air-conditioning companies. 

How Indianapolis Colts Owner Jim Irsay Earned His $1.7 Billion Fortune.
How Indianapolis Colts Owner Jim Irsay Earned His $1.7 Billion Fortune. (Source: Celebrity Net Worth)

He built his network by carrying his Father business, and he is well-known because of his business career.

Irsay’s income source is from the value of the Indianapolis Colts and his memorabilia collection.

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