Jimmy Buffett Singer

Jimmy Buffett scandal is all over the internet sources, and here’s everything you need to know about the late American singer. 

Jimmy Buffett was a famous singer, songwriter, author, and businessman who was widely noted for his laid-back, tropical-themed music.

Besides, Buffett’s music often falls into the genre of Gulf and Western or trop rock. Some of Buffett’s most famous songs include Margaritaville, Cheeseburger in Paradise, Fins, and Volcano.

In addition to his music career, Buffett was also a successful businessman. He had a chain of restaurants and stores called Margaritaville.

Sadly, Buffett took his last breath on September 1, 2023, at his home in Sag Harbor, New York, due to complications from Merkel-cell carcinoma.

Jimmy Buffett Scandal And Controversy Explained

Jimmy Buffett was involved in various scandals, and his controversies often make rounds on the internet sources. Currently, people are eager to know everything regarding this matter.

In the mid-1970s, Buffett was arrested for drug-related charges in New Orleans. Besides that, he was also involved in other matters in the past.

Jimmy Buffett Scandal
Jimmy Buffett previously made rounds on the internet sources after being involved in various scandals. ( Source: ABC News )

In 2010, after the Deepwater Horizon oil rig explosion and subsequent oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, Buffett criticized BP (British Petroleum) and the response to the environmental disaster.

His song titled The Gulf of Mexico was used to raise funds for Gulf Coast cleanup efforts. In 2003, he and his music publishing company, Margaritaville Enterprises, were sued by Eddie Balchowsky for copyright infringement. 

However the lawsuit was eventually settled, but it did bring some legal controversy to Buffett’s music.

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Was Jimmy Buffett Arrested Before Death?

Yes, Jimmy Buffett was arrested before his death. As said earlier, the late singer was arrested for drug-related charges in New Orleans in the mid-1970s.

Furthermore, Jimmy was charged with possession of marijuana and was briefly detained. While this incident did not have a long-lasting impact on his career, it did bring some negative attention at the time.

Jimmy Buffett Arrested
Jimmy Buffett was arrested in 2006 for allegedly carrying over 100 pills of ecstasy. ( Source: Los Angeles Times )

Not to mention, Buffett has been open about his past drug use and has suggested that it was a different time in his life. Many sources also gave news regarding this matter.

Apart from that, he was also detained in 2006 for allegedly carrying over 100 pills of ecstasy. Later, Buffett paid a fine of $300 and was released. 

Jimmy Buffett Struggled With Drugs

Jimmy Buffett has openly discussed his past struggles with drugs. In his early days, Buffett earned a living as a bar musician, playing for drinks and tips.

But while he’d be back on track with a new record deal by 1972, he almost chose to support himself with a line far different and way more illegal than music.

He has mentioned everything in Ryan White’s Jimmy Buffett: A Good Life All the Way. Buffett claims he was approached by drug runners who said he could earn double the money for a single drug delivery.

Jimmy Buffett Drugs
Jimmy Buffett struggled with drugs, and he also opened up about this matter in the media. ( Source: The Guardian )

The earnings were compared to his earnings with Down to Earth. Before long, Jimmy was out of Florida and on his way to making way more money singing about Florida. 

When he opened up everything in the media, many people were shocked, and they even supported him. 

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