Jimmy Kimmel

One of the most admired American television host and comedian Jimmy Kimmel’s net worth is $50 million.

Jimmy Kimmel is a late-night talk-show personality, producer, and hilarious comedian, best known as the host of Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Kimmel has established himself as one of the most bankable late-night television personalities over the last decade.

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Jimmy Kimmel (Source: Pinterest)

Kimmel has hosted some of pop culture’s biggest events and moments outside of his “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” roles.

Most recently, Kimmel hosted the Oscars for the second year in a row, a role for which he received worldwide recognition.

Jimmy Kimmel | Quick Facts

Full Name Jimmy Christian Kimmel
Celebrated As Jimmy Kimmel
Date of Birth 13 November 1967
Place of Birth Brooklyn, New York City
Residency California, USA
Age 56 Years Old
Nationality American
Ethnicity American
Gender Male
Horoscope Aquarius
Religion Christian
Father  James John Kimmel
Mother Joan Iacono
Relationship Status Married
Wife Gina Maddy (Divorced)

Molly McNearney

Children Kevin Kimmel, William John Kimmel, Katie Kimmel, Jane Kimmel
Height 6 feet 1 inch
Weight 182 pounds
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Education University of Nevada, Arizona State University
Profession Television Host, Comedian
 Social Media TwitterInstagramYouTube
Net Worth $50 Million
Merch Signed Photo, Signed Guitar, Signed Photo Display
Last Update April 2024

Jimmy Kimmel | Net Worth and Income

As of April 2024, Jimmy Kimmel’s net worth is a staggering $50 million.

Apart from the regular salary from his TV shows, Jimmy also garners fortune through his business ventures and endorsement deals.

Earning From TV Shows

With a slew of top celebrities hosting late-night shows, we can safely assume that Jimmy charges a hefty fee for his time on the show.

His annual salary was roughly $1.75 million when he started Jimmy Kimmel Live in 2003.

However, it climbed to $6 million within a few years and is now believed to be $10 million every year.

Reportedly, Jimmy earns $15 million per year from his popular show Jimmy Kimmel Live.

In addition, he made few hundred thousand dollars in hosting the Emmy Awards.

Earning From YouTube

Jimmy Kimmel, who has one of the most popular YouTube channels in the world, enjoys great success in YouTube. He currently has over 18.3 million subscribers.

With that many subscribers, Jimmy Kimmel is bound to make a lot of money from YouTube advertising.

Although the exact amount is unknown, a famous web analytics firm estimated the channel’s annual revenue to be $9 million.

He has already uploaded over 6,000 videos and has received more than 12 billion views. Isn’t that a gigantic figure?

Jimmy Kimmel Net Worth in Different Currencies

Let’s look at Jimmy Kimmel’s net worth in various currencies, along with the BitCoin.

Currency Net Worth
Euro € 42,303,750
Pound Sterling £ 36,256,710
Australian Dollar A$ 68,352,250
Canadian Dollar C$ 63,102,750
Indian Rupee ₹ 3,645,907,500
BitCoin ฿ 1,052

Jimmy Kimmel | Houses and Cars


The comedian lived in a beautiful 1947-built classic mansion in the Hollywood Hills, the peak of luxury.

In 2002, he paid somewhat more than $900,000 for the mansion.

He stayed there for a few years before selling it for $2.2 million, making a decent profit.

Moreover, he paid $6 million for a stunning contemporary complex on L.A.’s Sunset Strip in 2008.

The Sunset Strip is a celebrity destination, with easy access to L.A. City and stunning hilltop residences.

Similarly, he acquired a more modest property immediately next door for $1.1 million two years later.

Aside from that, he has a seaside duplex in the Hermosa Beach neighborhood that he spent $1.65 million for in 2004.

The neighborhood’s 4,000 square-foot beachfront home is also accessible by private helicopter.


Jimmy Kimmel can easily afford any luxurious vehicle and enjoy the exotic ride.

In fact, Jimmy has a collection of high-end automobiles in his garage. The likes of which include cars from BMW, Range Rover, Ford, and Porsche.

His $60,000 BMW was involved in a serious accident, which got huge media attention at the time. Thankfully, Jimmy escaped serious injury.

Jimmy Kimmel | Lifestyle and Vacations

Jimmy Kimmel’s net worth as of April 2024 is an enormous $50 million.

The charming man has an affluent lifestyle.

His cute smile and hilarious jokes even add up to his charm. Jimmy likes to spend his wealth on his health, outfits, and family.

He eats whatever he wants five days a week and then restricts himself to 500 calories on the other two days.

Kimmel drinks coffee and eats pickles, egg whites, apples, peanut butter, and oatmeal on Mondays and Tuesdays when he restricts his diet.

Jimmy is a dedicated family man with a wife and two young children as well as two grown children from his first marriage.

Jimmy Kimmel Family (Source: mirror.co.uk)

He has proved himself to be a wonderful father and a loving husband. During his free time, he cherishes beautiful moments with his children.

Jimmy has credited the late Kobe Bryant with inspiring him to prioritize his family above everything.

Observing his Instagram, he appears to be interested in cooking as well. He is often spotted sharing recipes of his children’s favorite dishes and also making some challenge videos with Jimmy Fallon.

Recently Jimmy was spotted having a good time at the beach of Hawaii with his wife and children.

Jimmy also plays gags on his social media accounts. He once posted a series of photoshopped images in which he appeared to be photobombing Magic Johnson vacation photos.

After a while, Magic did the same to Jimmy.

Jimmy Kimmel | Charity

We might run out of words if we start talking about Jimmy’s recent charitable efforts. Perhaps this is why so many people admire this endearing personality.

In his Instagram bio, he always includes a link to the most recent charity campaign he is supporting.

Jimmy has generously donated his time and efforts to a number of causes that he is passionate about.

Moreover, he promised to help front-line workers and medical students even during the Covid pandemic.

He also teamed up with the Independent Restaurant Coalition to raise awareness about how the pandemic has impacted restaurants and launched the SaveRestaurants campaign.

Jimmy contributed $25,000 as a donation for Safe Landing for Families to help feed and clothe needy parents and children.

His undying efforts raised over $2.8 million for the No Kids Go Hungry campaign in 2020. For this project, Jimmy worked with Netflix, HBO, VH1, and AppleTV.

Jimmy is also a supporter of the FeedingAmerica initiative. This man must understand that world hunger is just as serious as climate change, political fiascos, or pandemics.

Jimmy Kimmel | Movies and TV Shows, Investments, Endorsements, and Books

Movies and TV Shows

Kimmel frequently played himself in films and television series.

He also voiced The Boss Baby in 2017 and The Boss Baby: Family Business in 2021. Both of them are animated comedies that generated huge buzz at the box office.

Jimmy also hosted a number of award programs, including the Emmys in 2012, 2016, and 2020, as well as the Oscars in 2017 and 2018.

In 2020, he took over as host of a celebrity edition of the Prime-Time game program Who Wants to Be a Millionaire.

The late-night host also appeared in the film of the PAW Patrol cartoon series. Jimmy joined the cast, which included Randall Park, Kim Kardashian, Tyler Perry, and Mila Kunis.

He also had cameos or voice roles in films such as Road Trip in 2000, Garfield in 2004, Pitch Perfect 2 in 2015, and Ted 2 in 2015.


Jimmy Kimmel is well aware of the fact that money makes a lot of money. He has made investments in a number of businesses and has also started his own.

In 2021, he made a $4 million investment in Zigazoo as part of their Seed VC.

Jimmy Kimmel and his partners launched TitleCard Capital, a new private equity fund that will invest heavily in a variety of stocks. It was the lead investor in Leesa, an online luxury mattress company that recently raised $9 million in funding.

Moreover, he is a co-founder of Wheelhouse, a media and investment firm.

With over $15 million raised in the first round alone, it led the investment round for Rally’s fundraiser event. Rally guides people to invest in passion holdings.


As of April 2024, Jimmy Kimmel’s net worth is a massive $50 million.

Being a prominent figure in the entertainment industry has undoubtedly aided Jimmy Kimmel in amassing a sizable fortune through endorsement deals.

However, it appears that he is picky when it comes to his endorsement partners. He usually promotes food companies.

Furthermore, his approach to endorsing brands on social media is quite unique. Unlike other celebrities, he does not directly tag brands, instead, he simply posts a clear photo with an intriguing caption.

When he endorsed Marshmello Fluff, he used the same technique while the caption read, “This is what they pack for lunch in heaven.”

He has also promoted the magazine “Bonappetitmag,” which shares recipes, restaurants, and food culture in general.

Additionally, Cutino Sauce and GoldBelly are two of his other major endorsement deals.

Book Publications

Jimmy Kimmel is a one-of-a-kind entertainer. He can host, act in comedy and even write books.

Kimmel decided to venture into authoring after a successful career on the late-night scene.

In 2019, the late-night superstar released The Serious Goose, a compilation of doodles and an interactive picture book for kids.

Additionally, he donated all of the proceeds from his book to Children’s Hospital Los Angeles and other children’s hospitals across the country.

Jimmy Kimmel | Career

The world’s most renowned comedian Jimmy Kimmel began his career early.

He explored his career first in radio and then in television, although he didn’t make much money in his early years.

Jimmy appeared to be a regular man making fun of life’s hardships, making a lot of people smile with his jokes.

Jimmy Kimmel
Kimmy Kimmel (Source: TIME)

He began his career as a radio broadcaster and continued to work hard despite several setbacks.

The talented personality has hosted some of the most well-known programs of his time.

In 2018, Time Magazine named Jimmy Kimmel to its list of the World’s 100 Most Influential People.

Interesting Facts About Jimmy Kimmel

  • Kimmel is such a fan of David Letterman that he had ‘L8NIGHT’ printed on his customized license plate.
  • He appeared as a guest artist at a Costa Messa performance.
  • Jimmy is also a co-founder of the ‘Feast of San Gennaro,’ a traditional celebration.


Has Jimmy Kimmel ever appeared in a Call of a Duty video game?

Jimmy Kimmel joined the likes of Ice Cube and Kobe Bryant on the list of celebrities that have appeared in a Call of Duty game in 2012. Kimmel can be found interviewing the game’s villain or hero in the concluding cut scene of Black Ops II, depending on which endings the players receive.

Where does Jimmy Kimmel’s program air?

Jimmy Kimmel’s program broadcasts from the legendary El Capitan Entertainment Centre situated on Hollywood Boulevard.

When did Jimmy Kimmel start his YouTube channel?

Jimmy Kimmel launched his YouTube channel on September 20th, 2006.

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