Shane Lowry's uncle, Jimmy Lowry passed away

Jimmy Lowry RIP. Sadly, a great Gaels and foot soldier of the Ferbane GAA Club, Lowry, has passed away at an early and unexpected age.

Jimmy Lowry was deeply committed to his local club, Ferbane, where his father Edward had settled after moving from Tubber via Manchester.

Famously known for being Shane Lowry’s uncle, Jimmy was a true foot soldier, working tirelessly behind the scenes to support the team and the community.

He helped his team in different ways, including setting up equipment, organizing events, coaching, or mentoring younger players.

Although his passing is a great loss for the Ferbane GAA community and those who knew him, his legacy and impact will be remembered and celebrated for years.

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Jimmy Lowry Rip: How Did Shane Lowry Uncle Die?

Jimmy, Shane Lowry’s famous golfer uncle, passed away unexpectedly last week. Following Jimmy Lowry’s shocking passing, the Offaly GAA is in grief. 

The cause of Jimmy Lowry’s death has not been identified yet. It was said to be sudden and unexpected.

In support of Jimmy’s beloved Ferbane GAA, Shane is sporting green and white ribbon on his hat while competing in the Honda Classic in Florida.
In addition, as soon as the terrible news was announced, the Offaly GAA club shared a heartfelt homage to the pillar on social media.
Shane Lowry paid tribute upon the passing away of his famous golfer uncle, Jimmy Lowry
Shane Lowry paid tribute upon the passing away of his famous golfer uncle, Jimmy Lowry (Source:
Jimmy Lowry took legitimate delight in having a surname associated with the GAA in Ferbane, Offaly, and far from there.
He gave much of himself to the team than expected of any one man. To explain, he served the organization for two terms as Club Chairman.
Moreover, he was the first spanning nearly the entirety of the 1990s and keeping the position in 2007 and 2008.
It just does not end there. Lowry also served as Safety Officer and stayed long on the Ferbane Hurling Committee. He had a successful playing career with the Ferbane Hurlers.

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Jimmy Lowry: Family And Parents

Lowry’s family has a long history of involvement and success in the Ferbane GAA community.

He was born to Edward Lowry and Margaret Lowry in Ferbane. The couple had three children- Jimmy, Sean, and Brendan.

Jimmy’s father, Edward Lowry, returned from England to work at the ESB Power Station in Ferbane, instrumental in Offaly’s success from 1960 onwards.

Edward Margaret settled in Ferbane, and their children, including Jimmy’s brothers, became highly skilled football players, with both winning All-Stars.

They are all famous in Offaly and nationally for winning All-Ireland Senior Football Championship medals for Offaly and their many years of service to the sport.

Despite not being as well known as his brothers, Jimmy made meaningful contributions to the GAA and his community.

Jimmy Lowry was born to Edward Lowry and Margaret Lowry in Ferbane
Jimmy Lowry was born to Edward Lowry and Margaret Lowry in Ferbane (Source: The Irish Sun)

He contributed significantly to the Ferbane GAA as an excellent club chairman for most of the 1990s.

He was part of the wider Lowry family, known as one of Offaly’s great dynasties and had a prominent reputation during the 1970s and ’80s.

Lowry’s hard work and dedication were crucial to the club’s success, with Ferbane winning SFC titles in 1990, ’92, and ’94 and reaching the finals in 1993 and ’97.

Jimmy’s legacy as a foot soldier of the Ferbane GAA will undoubtedly be remembered and celebrated for years.

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