Jing Tian Leaked Video

Jing Tian Leaked Video has gone viral. The ex-boyfriend of Chinese Actress Jing Tian allegedly released pornographic tapes to pay off an RM3.2 million debt.

Jing Tian, born in 1988, has 16 years of experience in the entertainment business. The First Beauty of Beijing, as she was known.

Her acting was not well received, but because of her most recent appearance in the Drama “Rattan,” she attracted more severe notice.

Jing Tian remains silent because of fear that her ex-boyfriend may blackmail her or disclose recordings.

Before this, she was involved in the most significant controversy, for which she was fined 7.2 million yuan by the Guangzhou Municipal Market Supervision Bureau, Guangdong, China, for promoting inferior goods.

Following that, Jing Tian paid the fee in full, immediately acknowledged her error, and vowed to take extra care to avoid making the same mistakes again, according to Paper.

Learn more about Jing Tian Leaked Video and her Scandal And Controversy.

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Jing Tian Leaked Video Gone Viral: Scandal And Controversy

From March 2018 to June 2019, well-known Chinese Actress Jing Tian dated three-time Olympic gold medalist and former table tennis world champion Zhang Jike.

Following a story by investigative Journalist Li Weiao that claimed the Chinese athlete had racked up enormous gambling debts and had given his intimate recordings with the Actress as a commitment to his creditor, their connection is once again making headlines.

According to many Chinese media outlets, the Journalist also uploaded a copy of the loan agreement containing Zhang’s name and the amount he owes.

According to Shanghai Daily, the writer had learned that Zhang owed a creditor 5 million yuan (RM3.2 million), which he allegedly borrowed to pay off his gaming obligation.

Jing Tian Leaked Video
Jing Tian Leaked Video. (Source: News MRandom)

The creditor allegedly requested payment from the Actress after the 35-year-old table tennis player failed to pay his debt.

According to The Beijing News, the creditor initially requested 22 million yuan (RM14.1 million) from Jing before cutting it to 17 million yuan (RM10.9mil).

Jing reportedly contacted the authorities, and the creditor was eventually determined to have engaged in extortion. He was given a seven-year sentence and a 50,000 yuan fine (RM32,013).

Details on Jing Tian Leaked Video Case

The reporter claimed that Zhang Jike made Jing Tian’s life so unpleasant that she avoided the entertainment industry for over a year.

In response to a phone call from the media on April 1, Zhang Jike denied owing money and disclosing Jing Tian’s videos.

But he abruptly disconnected as the reporter pressed for more information. Additionally, his studio earlier disputed in writing and stated that they were gathering proof to defend Zhang Jike.

On April 2, internet users’ attention was drawn to Jing Tian’s confession on a TV show, which even shot to the top of Weibo’s hot search.

In particular, Jing Tian stated that she could escape the gloom of life when filming “Rattan” in 2019.

Jing Tian Leaked Video
Chinese starlet allegedly subjected to blackmail and exposed by her ex-boyfriend were three private videos. (Source: The Star)

She claimed to have been unable to work previously due to depression. She went through a difficult time when she felt she was suffocating and drowning in the deep sea, but no one helped her.

This made online users assume that Zhang Jike was involved in the event. After a year of dating, Jing Tian and Zhang Jike parted ways in May 2019 without giving a reason.

A series of messages purportedly from Zheng Shuang berating Zhang Jike to supporting Jing Tian has been abruptly uploaded on Weibo again amid this blackmail rumor.

The texts claim that Zhang Jike brought a personal photograph and requested 8 million yuan ($1.16 million) from Jing Tian.

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