JMU Car Accident

JMU Car accident, three people were killed on the spot, and two have been hospitalized since Thursday night.

James Madison University revealed that five of its students faced a car accident, and three got killed when they returned to the University. 

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The identity of the three killed students has been out, but the identity two who are hospitalized are still unknown. The current condition of the two has still been secret. 

JMU has shared condolence with the family of the three students and has been praying for two of them. 

People worldwide have been interested in the news, and many questions have been raised since the information leaked. Continue reading to learn about the incident in a detailed way.

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JMU Car Accident: Luke Fergusson, Nicholas Troutman, And Joshua Mardisy Killed In Car Crash

The University identified three students killed in the car crash on Thursday night; all of them involved in the accident were 19 years old. 

Luke and Nicholas were classmates majoring in business management, and both were from Richmond. Similarly, Joshua Mardis, who also died in that mishap, was in a communication studies class from Williamsburg.

Sadly, Luke Fergusson, Nicholas Troutman, and Joshua Mardisy died on the spot, and the crash occurred at about 10:30 pm near the West Virginia-Virginia state line. 

Condition of the car found after the accident on Thursday night.
Condition of the car found after the accident on Thursday night. (Image Source: NAYAG Tricks)

The vehicle was found stuck in the tree; all of them were taken in the emergency, and only two of five people could make it.

The reason behind the crash has not been yet out; as per the report, the weather condition was good, and there was no sign of skid or yaw marks on the roadway surface indicating any evasive action. 

No, animals or vehicles were on the road before the crash, no struggle marks were fine, nor was the driver drunk while driving. 

The investigation has been going on since the accident occurred. Everyone following the news eagerly awaits the truth before the accident.

More About The JMU Student Car Crash 

The identity of the two students hospitalized has not been disclosed. But it has been confirmed that they have been in critical condition since the accident. 

No update has been received from the two students; the investigation is still ongoing. 

Additionally, JMU Vice President for Student Affairs, Tim Mille, shared a statement on Friday morning, “It is with a heavy heart and sadness I write to inform you of the loss of several JMU students from a tragic car accident that occurred last night in West Virginia,” 

Message shared by JMU through email to JMU community following the car crash,
The message was shared by JMU through email to the JMU community following the car crash. (Image Source: JMU Breeze)

JMU shared a statement representing the accident on their Instagram page, which says, “Our hearts are broken for these young men, their families, their home communities, and everyone here at JMU whose lives they touched,”

They added, “We hope you will keep all five of these families in your hearts. “our other friends’ speedy and full recovery.” 

Following the statement, many students and parents have expressed condolence for the three students’ parents and prayers for two alive students.

Hopefully, they were recovered, and more public updates on the incident will be out. The students who faced the accident can explain the car crash in detail.

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