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The MasterChef Australia Chef, Jock Zonfrillo, died at the age of 46. The news has saddened his fans, and people are asking if Jock Zonfrillo Suicide. 

Jock Zonfrillo was a television presenter and a former chef in Melbourne, Australia. Further, he was also the founder of The Orana Foundation. 

He was famously known as the MasterChef Australia judges alongside Andy Allen and Melissa Leong. Jock’s sudden death has amazed and shocked his fans. 

Jock was an enthusiastic natured person, and he started working in the kitchen at 13. He left his school and started working in the kitchens of The Turnberry Hotel. 

In 2019, he announced to his fans that he would be part of MasterChef Australia as a judge alongside Melissa Leong and Andy Allen.

Apart from his kitchen job, Jock started selling purportedly handmade bracelets with skulls, and he started progressing in the field, whether it was cooking or any other business. 

Along with his successful professional career, Jock was also named in multiple controversies and rumors, including Assault and bankruptcy. 

Masterchef: Did Jock Zonfrillo Suicide?

MasterChef Judge Jock Zonfrillo died, and following his death, rumors are circulating that he died after committing suicide. However, the death cause has not been given, but Victoria Police have said Jock’s death is not being treated as suspicious.

Jock Zonfrillo Suicide
One of the social media users tweeted about Jock Zonfrillo’s suicide, a rumor. (Source: Twitter)

So, it can’t be confirmed whether the MasterChef judge committed suicide. Meanwhile, the topic of his committing suicide first came into the media when a Twitter user made a post on Twitter saying that Jock died after committing suicide.

After that, people in the comment section didn’t believe them, and some criticized him. However, the family seems to be seeking privacy at this moment, and they may release more details regarding Jock’s death cause. You can keep visiting us for more info about this matter.

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Jock Zonfrillo Depression And Mental Health

MasterChef Judge Jock Zonfrillo battled mental health and was depressed for multiple reasons. He had always been open about it and had talked about them in many interviews.

At an early age, he was also battling with drug addiction. When the COVID-19 pandemic began, his anxiety levels went through the roof as he had Restaurant Orana in Adelaide.

Jock Zonfrillo
Jock Zonfrillo with his family. (Source: Daily Mail)

During that time, Jock’s wife was pregnant and was worried. Jock said spending quality time with his family helped reduce his anxiety. After his arrival on the cooking reality show, his mental health worsened.

As said earlier, he has talked openly about it with the media, and many people have been inspired by Jock’s story, which is pretty interesting. Also, Jock says food saved his life.

While opening up about his struggles, he later revealed that he was doing well. However, Jock’s sudden death has stunned the world, and everyone is asking about his health issues. So, we’ve talked about his health update below.

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Jock Zonfrillo Health Update

The tragic death news of the former chef, Jock Zonfrillo, has brought massive silence on the social media handles. People are mourning the death of Jock.

Also, most of his fans are concerned about his health update and are questioning if Jock was going through any health difficulties before his death. 

Jock Zonfrillo
The moment Jock Zonfrillo talked about his anxiety. (Source: Daily Mail)

The 46 years old chef had a difficult life as he reportedly battled drug addiction, homelessness, and unemployment before his death. 

Likewise, he became addicted to heroin at age 15, and Jock was always open about his addiction to his fans and media sources. 

However, we see no details about him being diagnosed with any illness or disease, so this can be believed that Jock didn’t be the victim of any disease or serious health problem at the time of his death. 

This must be a difficult time for his family and friends, so our team also pays deepest condolence to his lost soul and prays for strength to his family.

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