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Joe Goldberg mental illness has created a buzz online and if you want to know more about his health issues, read this complete article.

Joe Goldberg is a fictional character created by author Caroline Kepnes. He is the main character in the novels You and Hidden Bodies, which were later adapted into a television series titled You.

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In the story, Goldberg is a bookstore manager who becomes infatuated with and ultimately obsessed with the women he pursues romantically.

The narrative is presented from Joe’s perspective, giving readers or viewers insight into his thoughts and justifications, even as his actions become increasingly disturbing.

Apart from that, people now want to know more about Goldberg’s health issues which have been shared below in depth.

Joe Goldberg Mental Illness: Does He Have Erotomania Disorder?

Joe Goldberg mental illness has dragged everyone’s attention and people want to know if Joe has erotomania disorder.

According to an online report, Goldberg is believed to have erotomania. This became evident in the earlier seasons due to the character’s troubled past and longing for affection.

Joe Goldberg Mental Illness
Joe Goldberg mental illness has created a buzz online as he is said to be dealing with erotomania disorder. (Source: US Weekly)

It has been noted that Joe shows signs of antisocial character disorder, narcissism, and codependency in season 1. Mental health experts note that Goldberg’s condition is intricate. The term psychopath lacks clear medical significance.

Not to mention, erotomania disorder is an unusual form of delusional disorder in which a person has an unfounded belief that another is in love with him.

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Joe Goldberg Health Update As Of [current-year]

As said earlier, many people have asked questions about Joe Goldberg health issues. Many people have asked multiple questions regarding Joe’s mental illness.

Furthermore, Goldberg has Erotomania which often results from one’s early years, and could most likely be regarded as complex trauma.

Joe Goldberg Health
Joe Goldberg health update is all over the internet sources as many outlets have given the news regarding this matter. (Source: BuzzFeed News)

While erotomania can happen on its own, it’s usually related to another mental health condition, like schizophrenia or bipolar disorder.

As of [current-year], Goldberg may still have the condition. It is rare for erotomania to reoccur and treatment is often successful, especially for individuals with bipolar disorder or without further underlying conditions.

More updates related to Joe’s health issues can be explored by watching the series.

More Facts On Joe Goldberg Character

Joe Goldberg is a fictional character created by author Caroline Kepnes. He is the main protagonist of the novels You and Hidden Bodies.

The character has gained additional popularity through the television adaptation of the same name, which premiered on Lifetime and later moved to Netflix. 

For your information, the role is played by a famous actor named Penn Badgley. Meanwhile, Penn is a notable American actor who has remained active in the showbiz industry for a long time.

Penn Badgley
Penn Badgley is an actor from the United States of America who plays the role of Joe Goldberg. (Source: TV Insider)

Penn has worked in many hit movies and TV series including Gossip Girl, Restless, Drive-Thru, The Stepfather, and many more.

Due to his work, Penn has also won some awards including the MTV Movie & TV Award and Saturn Award nominations. Badgley’s portrayal of Joe Goldberg has acquired critical acclaim. 

Reviewers loved Penn Badgley’s acting and found the show’s creepy atmosphere and scary storyline reminiscent of themes like violence and stalking.

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