Netizens are curious about Joel Valdez’s Age after the news of his affair with an American lawyer and politician surfaced on the internet.

Joel Valdez has served as Gaetz’s communications director since April 2021.

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 In April 2020, The Director joined Gaetz’s press assistant and has worked his way up to communications director.

Presently, Joel is receiving attention from the media after Matt Gartz’s view on sending U.S. financial aid to Ukraine, and he served as his right hand.

Before joining Gaetz as Communication Director, he joined politics as an intern for North Carolina’s 11th congressional district representative, Mark Meadows, in 2019. He worked for Matt Gaetz as a press assistant from 2020-2021.

Besides Matt, he worked as an analyst for War Room Analyst for Donald J. Trump for President Inc.

Joel Valdez Age: How Old Is Gaetz Communications Director?

According to sources, Joel was February 11; reports estimate he must be in his early 20s as he graduated from UIC College Prep in 2017.

As Gaetz’s spokesman, Valdez appeared on the conservative network RSBN (Right Side Broadcasting Network) and Gaetz’s Firebrand podcast to celebrate the reversal.

Joel Valdez Age
Matt Gaetz is one of the GOP hardliners who has continually opposed sending aid funds to Ukraine(Source: Fox News)

Joel, Firebrand’s Executive producer, stated to viewers that: Millions of babies will no longer have to die at the hands of deranged leftists. In addition, he added the broadcast interviewed protesters against and supporters of the ruling.

On June 24, 2022, authorities overturned the landmark Roe V Wade legislation allowing abortion up to the first two trimesters.

According to Fox News, the news came just two days after a deputy infrastructure minister was arrested over accusations that he stole $400,000 from funds received under contracts for generator purchases as Ukraine struggles.

In an interview with Fox News Digital, Matt claimed, “There is no amount of ‘purges’ that will suddenly make me support giving money to Ukraine.” 

Joel Valdez Wife: Who Is She?

Several speculations about his wife can be observed on the internet after the media claimed his affair with an American lawyer and politician.

Regrettably, information about Joel’s wife is unveiled in the media.

On December 6, 2021, Joel shared pictures with Anya on his Instagram account.

Joel Valdez Age
Joel Valdez with Anya (Source: Instagram)

Looking at Anya’s Instagram, she is a former Israeli athlete with 1253 followers under the 

The American politician Matt is openly against providing Ukraine with additional U.S. financial aid, even after President Vladimir Zelensky decides to Fire top officials to crack down on corruption.

American lawyer and politician Matt Gaetz, the U.S. representative for Florida’s 1st congressional district since 2017, has divided social media with his latest comments on the Ukraine-Russian war. 

Matt relies on his communications director Joel Valdez, who joined his staff in 2021. 

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Meet Joel Valdez’s Family

Southside Chicago native attended the University Of Illinois at Chicago from 2016 to 2017 and studied political science at the University Of Illinois Urbana-Champaign for one year.

Joel has kept his family details out of sight of the media. As a result, information about his family details has been kept under wrap.

His boss, Matt, was born Matthew Louis Gaetz II was born on May 7, 1982, in Hollywood, Florida, to his parents Victoria (née Quertermous) and Don Gaetz.

The Gaetz Director has several pictures with his family on his Instagram account@realjoelvaldez, where he has shared 59 posts with his friends and family among his 1048 followers.  

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