Voters on the Internet were shocked after the Pennsylvania Senate Campaign released a confusing primary day statement regarding their candidate John Fetterman Surgery. 

Current Pennsylvania’s lieutenant governor, Fetterman, responded with a statement saying that he almost died from the stroke. Also, his condition was much more serious than it was first revealed.

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Likewise, he isn’t fully recovered from his illness but is showing a speedy recovery.

John Fetterman Surgery: Has The Pennsylvania Senate Candidate Undergone Surgery?

Yes, Mr. Fetterman had undergone surgery before the polls closed. The politician would undergo surgery to install a pacemaker with a defibrillator after his recent stroke in 2022.

The unsigned May 17 statement goes:

This is a short procedure that will help his heart and address the underlying cause of his stroke, A-fib, by modulating his heart rate and rhythm.

Also, the hospital approved the statement of his Campaign advisers. However, the controversial statement raised more queries than it answered.

John Fetterman surgery
John Fetterman at a meet and greet at Connellsville Airport. (Source: ABC News)

Strictly speaking, pacemakers are generally used to treat A-fib patients, but devices with defibrillators are not used.

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An associate professor at Harvard Medical School, Christian Thomas Ruff, said that defibrillators handle dangerous heart rhythms from the bottom ventricles. But, A-fib patients have problems in the upper chambers of the heart.

Likewise, Fetterman’s Campaign took almost 17 days to explain their inconsistency. His cardiologist released another statement saying that previously undisclosed cardiomyopathy was treated by installing the defibrillator.

Furthermore, his campaign advisors claimed that they had been as transparent as possible on this matter.

According to the advisors, Fetterman’s Campaign only knew about his surgery on the same day, as the doctors never referred to the different heart conditions at the time.

His advisors thought that the doctors were initially discussing something like an insurance policy, which confused them.

John Fetterman Illness: His Changing Health Scare Narrative

Fetterman’s illness was first diagnosed in 2017. The cause of his illness is the decreased amount of blood his heart could pump.

Also, patients with A-fib have an irregular heartbeat caused by the heart’s upper chamber. Similarly, he was diagnosed with undisclosed cardiomyopathy.

John Fetterman Illness
John Fetterman wears a black hoodie. (Source: ABC News)

Moreover, one of the causes of his stroke was his error of not taking prescribed medication in 2017. He was named for certain medicines to treat his heart condition.

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John Fetterman Health Update 

Talking about Fetterman’s health update, he is back on his feet in a very short period. The concerned authority was shocked by the speeding progress of his stroke recovery.

All thanks to Fetterman’s wife, Gisele, as she took her husband’s illness matter into her own hands. She described his situation on the election night as a short hiccup. Gisele even predicted her lover would be back on his feet soon.

Although the stroke was very serious, Fetterman was lucky to escape the serious effects mainly because of his wife’s prior intervention.

Also, his Campaign advisor appreciates Lancaster hospital for his speedy recovery, where the man received prompt treatment.

Moreover, Fetterman’s physical well-being has shown progress since the stroke.

John Fetterman
John Fetterman cast his primary election vote from Lancaster General Hospital using an emergency absentee ballot. (Source: Twitter)

However, he has not yet appeared publicly but has shown appearances through videos.

Likewise, John’s ability to have rapid conversations has not completely recovered. He can only speak a few sentences at a time.

Despite his health condition improving daily, his doctors still foresee full recovery.

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