John Giblin Wife

Who was John Giblin Wife? The death of a famous Scottish Bassist has emerged questions about his family.

Scottish musician John Giblin performed as an acoustic and electric bassist in various musical genres, including jazz, classical, rock, folk, and avant-garde.

John is best known for his work in recording studios for film scores and modern music.

Still, he has also collaborated with various musicians, including Peter Gabriel, John Martyn, Elkie Brooks, Annie Lennox, Phil Collins, Fish, and the rock/pop band Simple Minds.

He has a close relationship with Kate Bush, David Sylvian, Jon Anderson (Yes), jazz fusion group Brand X, and Scott Walker (including the album Tilt).

Later in life, Giblin furthered his foray into acoustic bass with collaborations with pianist Alan Pasqua of Tony Williams Lifetime and drummer Peter Erskine of Weather Report.

John Giblin Wife: Was Scottish Bassist Married?

The marriage life of a Scottish Bassist is not made public yet. As a result, we do not know if John was married.

However, he was closely connected to Kate Bash. John was a longstanding member of Kate’s musical family and, ultimately, her KT fellowship.

John has long history of collaboration with Kate, beginning with his playing on the songs Babooshka and Breathing from the album Never For Ever. 

John Giblin Wife
John has collaborated with Kate Bush on many occasions. (Source: Stereogum)

He has since contributed to the albums The Sensual World, The Red Shoes, Aerial, Director’s Cut, and 50 Words For Snow.

When John and Kate collaborated on Peter Gabriel’s song No Self Control in 1979, it was their first time working together.

At her Before The Dawn concerts in 2014, Kate chose John as her bass player. His support of her efforts has been enormous.

John Giblin Family Ethnicity And Origin

John Giblin was born into a musical family in Bellshill, Scotland. However, the identity of his parents is not mentioned publicly.

Since the identity of his parents is unknown, we could not determine John’s ethnicity.  

Early musical curiosity led him to play in rock and pop bands in his teens. John began playing with various rock and pop bands in his teens and advanced from there. 

John Giblin Wife
Scottish Bassist John Giblin died on May 14, 2023. (Image Source: The Irish Sun)

He eventually developed into a skilled bassist, well-known for his prodigious abilities on the double bass and bass guitar.

Giblin performed with some of the biggest names in music during the 1970s and 1980s when his career as a session musician took off.

John shared the stage with artists such as Simple Minds, Annie Lennox, Phil Collins, Elkie Brooks, Peter Gabriel, John Martyn, and to name a few.

He was renowned for his flexibility and capacity to perform in various genres, including jazz, classical, rock, and avant-garde.

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John Giblin Net Worth: How Much Did He Make As A Bassist?

According to Net Worth Post, John Giblin has an estimated net worth of approximately $2 million. 

John was described as a “bass guitarist, double bass player, arranger, and all-around session musician extraordinaire” by producer Robert M. Corich.

Because of his extraordinary stage presence, he was soon touring and recording with artists like Peter Gabriel, Kate Bush, Phil Collins, Eric Clapton, and Annie Lennox, to mention a few.

As a result, we can expect that the Bassist made a good income in collaboration with such big names. 

He took Derek Forbes’ place as the Bassist for the band Simple Minds, where he frequently played fretless bass, and played on three albums with them before resuming his previous career as a studio musician.

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