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John McCool death cause has been linked to cancer in the recent announcement followed by his sudden demise. Here are more details about Tracy McCool husband’s obituary.

Tracy McCool is an experienced news presenter and journalist who has made a name for herself in the industry.

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The reporter has been a well-known face on Fox 8 for many years, garnering the admiration of many viewers with her grace and knowledge.

Tracy’s husband, John McCool, was well-liked and respected in the community. McCool also had a large network of friends and acquaintances.

John’s condition has been a battle for Tracy and her family for some time. They shared their hardships openly and took part in several fundraising events for cancer research and awareness.

Despite the difficult times, Tracy remained John’s dependable and supportive wife and their children’s loving mother.

John McCool Death Cause Linked To Cancer

Tracy McCool’s husband, John McCool death was due to colorectal cancer.

John passed away on Wednesday after a five-year-long battle with colorectal cancer, as per the announcement by the news organization.

In addition to advocating for men to get screened for colon cancer, the pair, who met in 1986 at Copley High School, have kept the Northeast Ohio community informed about McCool’s cancer struggle ever since his diagnosis.

John’s prognosis was never good, according to Fox 8. McCool didn’t let that alter who he was, though, and he never stopped grinning.

John McCool family
John McCool with his wife and children. (Source: Fox8)

He claimed to the station that he disregarded his symptoms and was unaware of his complete family history.

“I probably had cancer for a few years,” he said, “but I waited and walked in, and by the time they diagnosed me, I was in stage four.”

“I don’t care if it costs you everything in your savings account,” Tracy said. “Use your savings to withdraw the funds and rely on your insurance. Make a trip to the Cleveland Clinic. Get your blood tested. “To assess your possessions and hope you don’t possess this.”

John shared his health-related advice, advising men to keep an eye on the condition of their colons.

Tracy McCool Husband John McCool Died

John McCool death was announced in the media after his battle with stage 4 colon cancer.

He coached mixed martial arts participants in his gym while also serving in the military.

Throughout his battle with cancer, he participated in several clinical studies and attempted a variety of therapies to “choke out cancer,” the station reported.

Tracy McCool announced last month via Facebook that her husband had been accepted into a University Hospitals research study.

The journalist and McCool parted ways after finishing high school, but they eventually got back in touch and got married in 2002. In December, they commemorated their 20th wedding anniversary.

John McCool death
John McCool died due to colorectal cancer. (Source: Wealthypeeps)

My darling, may peace be with you. Say, “Fly high in the sky!” Tracy McCool published a message on Facebook.

Trac’s husband leaves behind his wife and their children, Cassidy and Carter.

About a year after receiving his cancer diagnosis, John remarked, “There has been some good that’s come from cancer.”

He believed he had grown a little humbler. Other, more significant things, like the time he spent with his wife and children, were vital to him.

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John McCool Obituary: Tributes Pour The Twitter

Fox 8 sent the McCool family its condolences following the announcement of John McCool death.

The news station said in a statement that they offered their love to Tracy, Cassidy, and Carter. The station added, “We also know how much all of your kind words and prayers mean to their family.”

John underwent excruciating testing and treatments that lasted for nearly five years, yet he never wavered in his resolve to use his experience to inspire others.

He started to support the cause. John said that he had ignored his symptoms and was not aware of his entire family’s medical history.

John’s passing devastated Tracy and her family, and they are still processing it. However, Tracy’s tenacity and resilience in the middle of such a tough time have inspired many.

She has persevered in her work as a Fox 8 news anchor and has shown incredible fortitude when faced with challenges.

After the public announcement about Tracy’s husband, friends and colleagues got on Twitter and poured tributes and condolences to the McCool family.

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