John Mulaney Controversy

Following the controversy that Dave Chappelle made transphobic jokes while introducing John Mulaney’s show in Ohio, the comedians faced criticism.

Comedian John Mulaney surprised his audience on Friday during a performance of his “From Scratch” tour when Dave Chappelle opened the show and told what some fans deemed “transphobic jokes.” This angered some fans.

During a performance at the Value City Arena of Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio, Chappelle opened the show. There is no video of the event because attendees were instructed to lock their phones before the event. Still, several audience members criticized the performance on social media after it had ended.

Attendees reported that Chappelle made a surprise opening appearance and made jokes about the transgender community.

John Mulaney Controversy For Transphobic Jokes: What Did He Say?

Generally speaking, everyone loves John Mulaney. He’s currently receiving heavy criticism, all because he chose to have Dave Chappelle open for him, and the comic made “anti-trans” jokes.

According to people who flocked to social media after John’s comedy show on Friday night in Columbus, Ohio, where phones were locked up in a pouch so no one could record it, DC was a surprise guest who performed a set before John came out.

John Mulaney controversy
John Mulaney sarcastically criticized for supporting Dave’s Transphobic joke (Source: Twitter)

Mulaney’s content is mainly uncontroversial, in contrast to Chappelle’s controversial and derogatory remarks. Mulaney typically avoids addressing political or social issues in his stand-up performances in favor of self-deprecating humor, personal anecdotes, and tales of his battles with alcoholism and addiction.

Comedians started to respond in turn after Mulaney began trending on Twitter the following day due to the unexpected Chappelle set.

What Did Dave Chappelle Joke About?

Dave allegedly said something to the effect of “It was a knife that identified as a gun,” which some took as a reference to gender fluidity. Okay, fair enough.

After getting some laughs, it seems like he moved on and added, not that there’s anything wrong with that, about a couple of audience members he speculated might be gay. That seems to be all that was said, but it has caused a stir.

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Dave does appear to be fixated on making jokes about trans issues. He did so during his Hollywood Bowl performances a few weeks ago and even made a joke about the alleged attacker, Isaiah Lee, after the latter had been tackled, joking that it was a “trans man.”

Viewers’ Reaction To His Transphobic Jokes

Many of these individuals claim that Dave’s presence made them feel ambushed, notably after he allegedly continued to make what they perceived to be transphobic and homophobic jokes.

John Mulaney criticized
Dave Chappelle criticized for his transphobic jokes (Source: Twitter)

The defense claims that these paying attendees came out to see JM, not Dave, and many of them are either LGBT people or consider themselves allies. They claim they would never have bought tickets if they had known that Chappelle would be performing instead.

All of this naturally stems from the controversy surrounding his Netflix special, “The Closer,” which has been accused of being transphobic despite DC’s denial and the streamer’s support.

Dave Chappelle Controversy: He Made Jokes About Transgender Community

In recent years, Chappelle’s stand-up routine has centered around jokes about the transgender community. The comedian initially caused controversy for his anti-trans jokes in Netflix specials like “Sticks and Stones” from 2019 and “The Closer” from 2021. 

Chappelle’s transphobic jokes on “The Closer” drew criticism from organizations like GLAAD and the National Black Justice Coalition. Chappelle also ran lengthy segments in which he defended previous anti-trans comments by J.K. Rowling, the author of “Harry Potter,” and rapper DaBaby. 

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After being tackled while performing at a Netflix is a Joke event earlier this month, Chappelle sparked more outrage by joking about the attacker being a trans man.

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