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Is John Riccitiello Fired? The CEO of Unity Technologies is making rounds on the internet, and his scandal has dragged the eyes of many people. Here’s what we know.

John Riccitiello is an American business executive serving as the chief executive officer (CEO) of Unity Technologies. Before that, he was associated with private equity firm Elevation Partners.

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Likewise, Riccitiello had multiple roles in Electronic Arts, where he worked as a CEO, chief operating officer and president. Further, he has gained broad experience by working in multiple companies.

Moreover, John got into the media prominence after becoming the CEO of Unity Technologies in late 2014. In addition to that, he has also worked to get Unity’s game engine into Oculus’s software development kit.

Is John Riccitiello Fired?

No, John Riccitiello has not been fired from Unity Technologies, but the rumors have remained in the media prominence for quite a while now, leaving everyone confused.

Furthermore, online users are searching for the news related to John being fired from Unity. All of these are rumors, as he is still in the company.

John Riccitiello Fired
John Riccitiello has not been fired, but the rumors have remained in the media for a long time. ( Source: Unity )

Despite all the ongoing rumors related to John, he has not said a single word regarding this matter. Apart from that, the topic of Riccitiello getting fired circulated after the company announced a new Runtime Fee, which will charge developers based on the number of installations their games receive after getting specific thresholds.

After this, the company and John received huge criticism on the internet and due to the recent announcement, everyone wanted John to leave the company. 

Also, a petition was started on Reddit which was started for Riccitiello to leave the Unity.

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John Riccitiello Scandal and Controversy Explained

John Riccitiello scandal has dragged him into the controversy, and everyone wants to know the truth about the ongoing matter related to the CEO of Unity Technologies.

Unity sparked controversy with its announcement of a new Runtime Fee. It will charge developers based on the number of installations their games acquire after reaching specific thresholds. 

John Riccitiello Scandal
John Riccitiello is in the middle of controversy following a recent announcement of Unity. ( Source: SomosXbox )

Furthermore, this announcement has not been well-received by the gaming community, leading to a substantial dip in Unity’s stock prices.

Moreover, it has come to light that several Unity executives sold a significant number of shares in the weeks leading up to the controversial announcement. Reportedly, he sold 2,000 Unity shares on September 6, 2023.

John Riccitiello Scandal Update On Twitter and Reddit

John Riccitiello is making rounds on multiple social media platforms like Twitter and Reddit, and everyone has been talking about his recent plans.

It all started when the recent controversy surrounding Unity’s Runtime Fee announcement sent shockwaves through the gaming industry. 

Game developers are upset about Unity’s fee system. They’re worried that it might hurt the industry and that it’s not very clear how it works.

John Riccitiello Update
John Riccitiello was involved in a controversy, and recently Unity issued an apology. ( Source: Bloomberg )

A few developers have said they’re going to stop selling their Unity-powered games when the new fee starts on January 1. Apart from that, many people are going on social media to talk about the matter.

On Sunday, Unity posted a tweet apologizing to everyone. The tweet has also dragged the eyes of many people, which can still be found on the account of Unity on Twitter

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