John Simpson Children

Discover details about John Simpson children and delve into son John Lucas’ age and Wikipedia information in this article.

John Simpson, a formidable offensive guard for the Baltimore Ravens in the NFL, boasts a rich football pedigree.

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Hailing from Clemson, he earned the distinction of being a consensus All-American in 2019.

Simpson’s professional journey commenced with the Las Vegas Raiders in 2020, before making a pivotal shift to the Ravens in 2022.

His prowess on the field has been undeniable, with 2023 witnessing him start all 14 games, instrumental in the Ravens’ clinching of the AFC North division title.

Away from the gridiron, a heartwarming subplot unfolds. Simpson’s personal life offers a glimpse into his role as a doting father to young John Lucas.

Often gracing social media platforms, Lucas emerges as a fervent cheerleader for his father, becoming a cherished figure in the broader narrative of Simpson’s life and career.

As Simpson continues to leave an indelible mark on the football field, the unwavering support from his son stands as a testament to the deeper bonds that fuel his journey in the NFL.

John Simpson Children: Son John Lucas Wikipedia Bio

The esteemed NFL player John Simpson embraced a new role in September 2023: that of a father to John Lucas Simpson.

Welcoming their first child, John and his wife, Kayla Simpson, celebrated the birth of John Lucas in Baltimore, Maryland, the city where Simpson showcases his athletic prowess for the Ravens.

Born weighing 7 pounds and 8 ounces, with a length of 20 inches, the infant’s early moments were immortalized by Simpson on Instagram.

John Simpson son
John Lucas Simpson stands as the sole son of John Simpson, the offensive guard for the Baltimore Ravens in the NFL. (Image Source: Instagram)

Sharing an endearing snapshot of the newborn nestled in a basket, Simpson introduced the world to John Lucas, affectionately dubbed “JL.”

Though John Lucas may be too young for a Wikipedia page, his nascent presence has already captured attention, courtesy of his NFL lineage.

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He’s been a recurring feature on his father’s social media, donning Ravens attire, showcasing familial pride, and cheering Simpson’s on-field endeavors from the comfort of their home.

As the next generation of the Simpson legacy unfolds, the young John Lucas promises to be a cherished addition, heralding joy both on and off the football field.

John Lucas Age: How Old Is John Simpson Son?

As December 2023 unfolds, John Lucas stands at the tender age of three months, having entered the world on September 16, 2023, under the Virgo zodiac sign.

With his first birthday slated for September 2024, the young Virgo is rapidly marking developmental milestones.

Taking after his father, John Lucas mirrors Simpson’s distinctive features, sporting dark hair and captivating brown eyes.

John Simpson son age
John Lucas joyfully celebrates his first Christmas with his parents at just three months old. (Image Source: Instagram)

His robust physique hints at athletic potential, complemented by a radiant, cheerful demeanor.

Engaging with toys, swaying to melodies, or cherishing moments with family, Lucas is a beacon of joy in the Simpson household.

Given his NFL lineage, anticipation surrounds Lucas’s potential football aspirations.

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Simpson, ever the supportive father, envisions a future brimming with happiness, health, and success for his son, irrespective of the path John Lucas chooses.

The world waits anxiously to see the next development in the Simpson family’s growing legacy as the young Virgo flourishes under the cautious gaze of his devoted parents.

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