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The live streamer went viral after assaulting girls at Karaoke. Is Johnny Somali arrested? People are captivated by knowing about Racism Controversy, which is going viral on the internet. 

The Ethiopian streamer, Johnny Somali, is recently in the media headline after getting linked to the racism controversy. 

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For those who don’t know, Somali is a youtube streamer. Currently, everyone on the internet is talking about his content, which is inappropriate as some social media users mentioned Jhonny made a cringe dancing video with some random girls on the street.

The streamer, in fact, asked them for their numbers so they could get drinks later. Many of his videos are circulating on social media platforms and making a huge topic on the internet. 

As people are curious to know about the recent controversial topic so, everything about his arrest details are mentioned below!

Is Johnny Somali Arrested?

Yes, Johnny Somali is arrested. A video posted on YouTube has claimed that Somali got arrested in Japan. The video was posted on the channel of Tendo with the title, “racist streamer johnny somali is arrested in Japan.”

Due to his behavior, people were criticizing him, and Somali was getting backlash on social media. Apart from that, he was getting slapped by Japanese people, and those videos have also gone viral online.

Meanwhile, the arrest news can’t be confirmed as none of the verified media sources have not said anything. In the same video posted on Tendo’s channel, a person in the comment section said that the person getting arrested in the video was not Somali.

Johnny Somali Arrested
The arrest news of Johnny Somali has gone viral on social media, but there is no truth about it. (Source: YouTube)

Watching the original video posted on the channel, it was said that the person getting detained spoke Japanese. On the other hand, Johnny can’t speak Japanese. So, it was not him.

Apart from that, rumors of his detention circulated due to his behaviors, and people were also demanding he gets arrested. Also, videos of Somali’s arrest are going viral on TikTok.

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Johnny Somali Racism Controversy Explained

Johnny Somali has been tagged as a racist streamer whose behavior in public has dragged him into controversy. Furthermore, Somali went viral for the videos that often show him making racist comments and harassing women.

Not only that, but Somali gets into controversy for mocking local cultures and causing disturbances in public places. His videos can be found in various places, including Japan and Bali.

Once, Somali was in Japan and in his video from there, one can see Somali approaching women in public before harassing them and making misogynistic and racist remarks.

Johnny Somali Racism Controversy
Johnny Somali is said to be a racist streamer who receives criticism from people, and he was once slapped in public by locals due to his actions. (Source: NextShark)

Likewise, Somali taunted train passengers about Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Due to his actions, some people even confront him, but it becomes clear that Somali does not regret anything about his remarks to other people.

On the other hand, Somali has also been in Bali, and his videos from Bali have gone viral. Also, curiosity has risen on the internet regarding people from Bali as they are aware of Somali behavior.

As of now, Somali has not been involved in a big controversy in Bali like Japan, but many people are speculating that Johnny will cause some problems in the future. Meanwhile, he has also visited other nations, including Thailand. 

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