Joma Sison Death

Joma Sison ***** shocked many people after the media outlets confirmed his passing away on 16th December 2022 at 83 years old after facing health issues at the hospital.

Likewise, Jose Maria Canlas Sison, shortly known by his nickname “Joma,” was a Filipino writer and activist who founded the Communist Party of the Philippines and did numerous activism-related works during his lifetime.

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He counted elements of Maoism in its philosophy which is recognized as national democracy. He applied the theory of Marxism Leninism Maoism to the history and current events of the Philippines.

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Joma Sison *****: How Did CPP Founder Die?

Joma Sison is no more, and his ***** news has been acknowledged widely as he was a famous personality whose activism and writing works were highly admired by the general.

CPP founder Joma Sison dead at 83
CPP founder Joma Sison dead at 83 [Source- Manilla Bulettin]
Simson served as chairman of the Communist Party of the Philippines. The Party mentioned that the Filipino proletariat and toiling people grieve the ***** of their teacher and guiding light.

As per the official statement, he passed away after two weeks of bed rest in a hospital located in Utrecht, The Netherlands, in the late hours of 16th December 2022.

Even though the exact health issue has not been publicized in media outlets, his ***** rumors also surfaced a few months ago. He admitted to being hospitalized at the Utrecht University Medical Center previously following the illness.

During his lifetime, he was ill due to his rheumatoid arthritis and sweet syndrome symptoms, saying he had no severe illness, including Cancer. His ***** may be related to such disease and his gradual aging.

Who Is Joma Sison Wife Julie de Lima?

Joma Sison married his wife Julie de Lima when both were students at UP Diliman. As the duo attended the same study groups, they grew closer.

Their closeness turned into marriage shortly with two ceremonies. They wed through a civil wedding in September 1959 and then a Catholic church marriage in January 1960. 

After their association, the duo has four children. By birth, Lima belonged to the prominent De Lima family of Iriga City in Camarines Sur. 

His wife also served in top-level positions as Chair of the Commission on Human Rights, Secretary of the Philippine Department of Justice, and Senator. 

Joma Sison his wife Julie de Lima at their young age
Joma Sison, his wife, Julie de Lima, at a young age (Source- Indie gogo)

As she worked widely to serve people through her tactics, she is well-known, like her husband. However, she may be mourning the loss of her late husband now.

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Joma Sison Net Worth At *****

According to Celebrity How, Joma Sison had a predicted net worth of 4 million dollars at his *****. He gained his earnings portfolio as a politician, writer, and activist.

He has been placed as CEO of different companies following his prominence. Joma’s appreciated work has been widely acknowledged and admired by many parts of the Company.

With his fame, many people regarded him as their teacher and guiding light. He was positioned as chairperson of the International League of Peoples’ Struggle and Chief Political Consultant of the National Democratic Front of the Philippines.

Besides that, he based himself in the Netherlands for his European lecture tour in 1987. Since 1992, he has stayed in the Netherlands as a recognized political refugee.

However, with his growing age and tiring service for many years, he has accumulated his earnings, and now his earnings may be transferred as per his will.

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