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Jonathan Yuhas’s illness has made his professional career hard to some extent. Here’s what we know about his current health condition.

Jonathan Yuhas is an experienced meteorologist serving at KSTP-TV. He has been working in this field for a long time, and before coming to KSTP-TV, Yuhas worked in other stations too.

Besides being a certified meteorologist, Yuhas was an Edina Police Reserve Officer. He did the job for five years. Also, he has trained numerous Police and Fire departments to respond in extreme weather situations.

Furthermore, Yuhas drags people’s eyes with his work and personal life, mainly his health condition. So, if you are eager to know about his illness and health update, keep reading this article.

Jonathan Yuhas Illness and Health In 2023

Jonathan Yuhas’s health condition has dragged many people’s eyes as he openly discussed his illness. In August 2018, Yuhas made a post on his social media handles addressing details about his health as netizens were concerned about it.

The topic of his health first rose when people noticed his absence from KSTP TV. So, he went on to reveal that Yuhas had surgery and was taking rest.

Jonathan Yuhas Illness
Jonathan Yuhas gave a health update in 2018 from the hospital bed. ( Source: Instagram )

In the post, Yuhas revealed that he was on blood thinners for life due to his episodes of blood clots in his lungs (Pulmonary Embolism), and the blood thinners complicate and make the surgery riskier because of bleeding. 

Yuhas had his first Pulmonary Embolism in August 2017 and another Pulmonary Embolism in June 2018. Likewise, he mentioned that he had an issue with the small intestine. Furthermore, Yuhas went on to give more details about his health issues.

Currently, he seems to be doing well in his life, as Yuhas is still working actively. We can find him active on Instagram as @jwyuhas. From his IG account, he may give updates about his health.

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Where Is Jonathan Yuhas Going After Leaving KSTP-TV?

Jonathan Yuhas is not leaving KSTP-TV. He was on leave for some time in 2018 due to health problems. Due to that, viewers thought that he might be leaving KSTP-TV.

Meanwhile, Yuhas has been associated with the station since joining them in 2011. Before that, he worked as a meteorologist at KARE in Minneapolis for 13 years.

KCTP TV Jonathan
Jonathan Yuhas is working as a meteorologist at KSTP-TV. ( Source: Twitter )

Furthermore, he has been in this field for over three decades. Jonathan has worked in stations like KCRA in Sacramento, KARE in the Twin Cities, KAAL in Austin/Rochester, and KEYC in Mankato.

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Does Jonathan Yuhas Have a Wife? His Married Life and Kids

Jonathan Yuhas is a married man who lives happily with his wife, Joy Lim Nakrin. It is reported that they are engaged in the same field. The pair began dating in October 2011.

jonathan yuhas wife
Jonathan Yuhas shares a photo of his wife, Joy Lim Nakrin, on his Facebook page. ( Source: Facebook )

Joy is reported to be a KSTP-TV anchor-reporter. Their professional life helped them get closer and develop a strong bond. After some years of dating, the pair got married and have been sharing the relationship of a husband and a wife for many years.

Apart from that, they are also the proud parents of two kids named Maggie and Max. 

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