Christian talk show host Joni Lamb divorce from her ex-husband Marcus has left everyone concerned. Here’s the fact you should know. 

Joni Lamb is a Christian broadcaster who has been actively working in the television industry for a long time and has gained broad experience from her multiple works.

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Besides, Lamb is also famous as the co-founder, vice-president, and Executive producer of the Daystar Television Network. Also, she is known for her work with her late husband, Marcus Lamb.

Besides Lamb’s media career, she often gets into the spotlight following her personal life. She recently urged her fans to watch an episode of Table Talk as Lamb revealed she would be giving a special announcement.

Joni shared a post on Instagram with her partner, Doug Weiss. So, they seem to be taking their relationship to the next level. Apart from that, Joni’s relationship with her late husband still makes rounds on the internet.

Joni Lamb Divorce and Settlement Explained

If you are familiar with Joni Lamb’s relationship with her late husband, then it is sure that you are familiar with their ups and downs. 

Both of them openly talked about their relationship in the media. Marcus Lamb reportedly had an extramarital affair which both partners publicly acknowledged in 2010.

Joni Lamb and Marcus
Joni Lamb and Marcus Lamb together in a frame. ( Source: FOX7 Austin )

Due to that, people thought that they separated and divorced officially. There have been no records of the Lamb couple getting divorced. 

So, their divorce and settlement are not accessible in the public domain. Sadly, Marcus died after being hospitalized with Covid-19 in 2021. Joni also revealed in a statement that her husband had diabetes.

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Did Joni Lamb Ex-Husband, Marcus Lamb, Cheat on Her?

In 2010, Marcus Lamb publicly admitted to having an extramarital affair with a former team member. He confessed his Christian television network, Daystar Television Network, during an episode of his show “Celebration.”

In the episode, Lamb tearfully confessed to his congregation and viewers, saying he had made a mistake and was sorry.

Joni Lamb Divorce
Marcus and Joni Lamb talk in a show. ( Source: Christian Post )

His wife, Joni Lamb, was also present during the episode and forgave him publicly. The couple appeared to work on their marriage and continue their ministry together.

Some online sources reported that, in 2012, the couple announced they were getting a divorce. The announcement did not specify the reason for their split, but it was widely believed to have been related to Marcus’ infidelity. 

However, there has been no official statement of their separation. Joni and Marcus met at Joni’s church in 1980 and married in 1984. They spent time as traveling evangelists, preaching the gospel in churches throughout the Southeast.

Being married for a long time, they welcomed three children: Jonathan, Rachel, and Rebecca.

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Who Is Joni Lamb New Partner, Dr. Doug Weiss?

Joni Lamb seems to be taking her relationship to the next level with her new alleged partner. Dr. Doug Weiss. There have been rumors of them dating for quite a while now.

Lamb recently posted on Instagram to give a special announcement to her fans and followers. She shared a close image with Doug urging viewers to watch an episode of Table Talk.

Joni Lamb and Doug Weiss
Joni Lamb shared a photo with Dr. Doug Weiss. ( Source: Instagram )

From that, viewers speculated that Lamb and Weiss were getting engaged. However, we can follow Lamb on Instagram, where she is registered as @jonilamb.

From her Instagram page, she will surely give her fans updates regarding her love life. 

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