Jonnie Irwin lung cancer

Jonnie Irwin Lung Cancer news has worried his fans worldwide. Learn about his whereabouts and latest health updates.

Jonathan James Irwin, also known as Jonnie Irwin, is an English television presenter best known for presenting the home improvement show A Place in the Sun.

He also presented episodes of the BBC property shows Escape to the Country and To Buy or Not to Buy. He has also presented the spinoff to the former called Escape to the Perfect Town.

Besides, Irwin is a writer, lecturer, and business and property expert. At the start of his career, he worked for business transfer specialists Christie & Co. and Colliers International.

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Jonnie Irwin Lung Cancer Diagnosis – Health Update

Jonnie Irwin has recently been open about his Lung Cancer. He was diagnosed with the condition in 2020 but had only recently decided to speak publicly about his illness.

The famous TV presenter also accused the producers of A Place In The Sun of dropping him from the series as soon as he informed them he was dying.

He claims the bosses paid him off mid-series for the rest of the season when he revealed his terminal Lung Cancer diagnosis but did not renew his contract even though they knew he wanted to continue.

“That hurt. That broke my heart. I feel hugely let down. I can’t even watch the show now,” Jonnie added. He had assured the producers to get notes from his oncologist stating he was fit to work.

Jonnie Irwing a place in the sun
Co-presents Jasmine Harman and Jonny Irwin. (Source: Daily Mail)

Freeform Productions and Channel 4 said “no stone was left unturned” to find a way for Jonnie to stay, but they could not get insurance.

Jonnie first realized something wrong while he was filming the show in Italy. His vision became blurry while driving. After returning, doctors gave him six months to live.

He has presented A Place in the Sun since 2004 and appeared on Escape to the Country since 2010.

Where Is Jonny Irwin Now? How Is He Doing?

At the moment, Jonny Irwin is understandably taking his time off and spending time with his family.

Earlier this month, the property expert told Hello Magazine he did not know how much time he has left but is trying to stay “positive” with the perspective that he was “living with Cancer, not dying from it.”

Jonnie Irwing where is he now w
Jonnie Irwing with his wife, Jessica, in Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris. (Source: Instagram)

The 49-year-old is now in constant pain with liver issues that resulted from chemotherapy. He says he does not know how much time he has left before the lung Cancer spreads to his brain.

When he first found out about his situation, he had the challenge of telling his wife, who was at home looking after their kids.

Further, the Father of three is afraid that his young sons will not remember him after he is gone. He also struggles to enjoy himself with his family anymore, knowing he won’t be around much longer.

Meet Jonnie Irwin Family Members

Jonnie Irwin married Jessica Holmes in September 2016, and the couple has three children together: three-year-old son Rex and two-year-old twins Rafa and Cormac.

Jonnie Irwing family
Jonnie Irwin has not told his kids about his Terminal Cancer yet. (Source: People)

In 2018, the Irwin family moved to the Hertfordshire town of Berkhamsted and afterward to the Newcastle-Upon-Tyne area.

Born on November 18, 1973, Jonnie is currently 49. He grew up on a small farm in Bitteswell, Leicestershire, England.

He attended the Lutterworth Grammar School and Community College and later obtained a degree in Estate Management from Birmingham City University.

The famous TV personality was always a keen sportsman and played rugby for Lutterworth RFC and Rugby Lions RFC. However, an accident in a sevens tournament broke his back and forced him to retire.

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