Jordan Hawkins Illness

Jordan Hawkins’ illness has caused uncertainty and concern for UConn fans and the team as they prepare for their Final Four game.

The University of Connecticut men’s basketball team is preparing for the Final Four game against the Gonzaga Bulldogs. Still, there is uncertainty regarding the health of one of their players, Jordan Hawkins. 

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Hawkins has been a key player for the Huskies this season, and his absence could greatly impact their chances of advancing to the championship game. 

The uncertainty surrounding Jordan Hawkins’ health is a cause for concern for UConn fans and the team. His absence could greatly impact the Huskies’ chances of advancing to the championship game.

Still, the team will have to adapt and make the necessary adjustments regardless of whether or not he can play. 

Jordan Hawkins Illness: Is UConn Player Sick?

The news of Jordan Hawkins’ illness broke just a day before the team’s open practice session. 

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It’s concerning that UConn’s Jordan Hawkins missed practice due to illness, and his availability for the upcoming game against Miami is uncertain. (Source: Twitter)

According to various reports, Hawkins did not participate in the practice due to feeling unwell.  Due to a non-COVID sickness, UConn sophomore guard Jordan Hawkins missed practice on Friday, the day before the Huskies’ semifinal match against Miami.

Hawkins first experienced symptoms of a gastrointestinal bug on Thursday night.

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Team physicians swiftly removed his roommate from his hotel room to stop the disease from spreading to other UConn players, according to coach Dan Hurley’s Friday news conference.

Jordan Hawkins Health Update

Since missing the open practice, there have been no further updates on Hawkins’ health status. 

During a press conference, UConn Head Coach Dan Hurley was tight-lipped about the matter, stating that the team was focused on preparing for the game and that Hawkins’ availability was uncertain. 

However, the coach did acknowledge that the team was taking all necessary precautions to ensure the health and safety of its players.

It is worth noting that Hawkins has had a relatively injury-free season, having only missed a few games earlier in the season due to an ankle sprain. 

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His athleticism and ability to defend against bigger players have been key assets for the team, making his absence all the more concerning.

Will Jordan Hawkins Play In The UConn Final Four Game? 

Hawkins will not participate in the Huskies’ media availability or their open Friday practice for the Final Four.

In the second half of an NCAA tournament game against Gonzaga, Connecticut Huskies guard Jordan Hawkins reacts. (Source:

The University and the team have not provided any updates on Hawkins’ health, leaving fans and analysts to speculate about his availability. 

If Hawkins cannot play, it will be a significant blow to the Huskies, who are already facing a formidable opponent in the Gonzaga Bulldogs.

If Hawkins cannot play, the team will likely have to rely on its bench players to step up and fill the void. Javonte Brown-Ferguson, a reliable backup center this season, could see more playing time if Hawkins is out.

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It is also worth considering the impact of Hawkins’ absence on the team’s morale and mindset. The Huskies have faced numerous challenges this season, including a COVID-19 outbreak that forced them to cancel several games. 

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