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Jordan Neely Wife: Everyone is concerned about his personal life as a former Marine killed him on the train.

Jordan Neely was a 30-year-old former street performer who used to perform in the street, mainly appearing as Michael Jackson. 

His video from the past often gets into the spotlight. In one video shared on Twitter, we can see Neely wearing a gold embroidered leather jacket and moonwalking to Billie Jean.

Furthermore, Neely was also unhoused and had a record of mental illness. Not only that, but he has a criminal history that includes 40 arrests and an active assault charge.

Jordan Neely Wife: Was He Married?

No, Jordan Neely was not married, and he didn’t have a wife. There are no records of the former street performer having a wife or being involved in romantic affairs.

Many sources have said that Neely was 30 years old at the time of his death. Reportedly, he was a homeless man and was also battling with his mental health.

Jordan Neely Wife
Jordan Neely was a Michael Jackson impersonator who used to perform on the street. ( Source: Complex )

Moreover, the topic of his married life arose following his death, which came on the train as a former Marine choked and killed him. 

Jordan was chokehold for 15 minutes by a straphanger, and the video was also captured. The disturbing video is going viral, and people are eager to know more about Neely’s life which we’ve described below.

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Jordan Neely Family Tree: Mother Christie and Father Andre Zachery

Jordan Neely was a family man before, and he was raised by his parents, Christie Neely (Mother) and Andre Zachery (Father). His mom is no more in this world, as Shawn Southerland murdered her in 2007.

Southerland stuffed Christie’s dead body in a suitcase and threw it on the shoulder of the Henry Hudson Parkway. Also, Jordan was even called to testify in Southerland’s murder trial when he was 18.

Jordan Neely Aunt
Jordan Neely’s aunt said Jordan was shattered by his mother’s death. ( Source: New York Post )

It is said that Christie and Shawn had an affair. From this, it can be said that Jordan’s parents were separated when he was young. During the trial, Jordan said, his mother and Shawn had terrible relationships and fought daily.

Neely’s Father, Andre, also talked with the Daily News and revealed the incident. In the same way, his aunt Carolyn said Jordan sank into a deep depression after his mother’s death.

The murderer was sentenced to 30 years in prison in March 2012 as he was found guilty of murder. Many of Jordan’s family members and friends have come forward and talked about his death.

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Who Was Jordan Neely? Bio

Jordan Neely was a 30-year-old New Yorker who used to perform in the street, and his Michael Jackson dance moves were loved by many. We can find his videos from the past on social media that are getting praise now.

Neely allegedly went on an aggressive rant onboard the northbound F train on May 1, 2023. Due to that, a 24-year-old passenger kept Jordan choked for around 15 minutes.

jordan neely Bio
Jordan Neely was a 30-year-old New Yorker. ( Source: New York Post )

After that, the train was stopped, and emergency services rushed in after the conductor called 911. The passenger who held Neely in a chokehold is reportedly a Marine veteran. 

The alleged Marine veteran was taken into custody before being released without charges. 

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