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People want to know about Jordan Neely Wikipedia details. A Michel Jackson imposter named Jordan Neely was recently killed at the Broadway-Lafayette subway station in New York City.

According to reports, a 24-year-old Marine, whose identity is kept a secret, choked Neely for more than 15 minutes before Jordan passed away.

At around 2:30 pm on Monday, at Broadway-Lafayette station, Jordan Neely, according to the Police, was behaving strangely.

According to reports, he was threatening and harassing the passengers. Neely lost consciousness due to a violent struggle that started when a 24-year-old tried to control him and step in.

Neely was sent to Lenox Hill Hospital, later declared dead. On Wednesday, a medical examiner announced that Neely’s death was a homicide and that it was caused by a chokehold (neck compression).

The Manhattan District Attorney’s office is still investigating the matter to see if homicide charges will be brought against the suspect. Let’s get to know Jordan Neely Wikipedia Details.

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Jordan Neely Wikipedia Details

Jordan Neely Wikipedia details. Jordan Neely, was born into an African-American family in New York, United States, in 1992. Due to his family’s financial difficulties, his boyhood was challenging.

Jordan’s Father, Andre Zachery, recently disclosed in an interview that Christie Neely was fatally shot by her lover, Shawn Southerland when Neely was 18 years old; the late Michael Jackson impersonator even testified in the murder case.

He started dancing in the streets when his mother passed away. He was a huge fan of Michael Jackson and was a master at impersonating the Pop King.

Jordan Neely Wikipedia
Jordan Neely wikipedia details. (Source: New York Post)

He avoided his Father, last seeing him in 2018. He occasionally ran into Carolyn Neely, his aunt. Jordan Neely’s sad demise has shocked the country as a whole.

Following his murder, a video of the incident documenting the circumstances leading up to his untimely death went viral on Twitter.

According to witnesses, Neely reportedly entered the train car and started acting strangely, hurling his jacket to the ground and walking around while shouting.

Jordan Neely Age: How Old Was NYC Subway Passenger?

Regarding Jordan Neely’s age, he was born in 1992 at 30.

After a disagreement with another passenger, Jordan Neely, who was homeless and had previously made a career in the city as a talented Michael Jackson impersonator, he was away on Monday afternoon.

Neely reportedly had mental instability, which was probably brought on by the trauma he experienced following his mother’s murder.

He was a huge Michael Jackson fan, and according to his neighbors, dancing and singing helped the young man deal with his mental health issues.

The individual has a criminal history; he was detained 40 times on assault-related offenses.

Neely may have committed some foolish behaviors, but there is only one way to see it: as though he was psychologically, emotionally, and financially shattered. He did not deserve to die.

The medical examiner’s report, made public two days after Jordan died, confirmed that Neely died due to neck compression, also known as a chokehold.

According to accounts, the New York Police released the man who killed Jordan while the inquiry was ongoing.

Neely, a Michael Jackson lookalike, was killed, and this incident has once again shown how Americans of color are treated.

The 30-year-old was killed, according to protesters who took to the streets to demand justice for Neely, because he was yelling and pleading for food and water.

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