Olga Carmona Father

Learn about Olga Carmona father and the poignant moment she discovered his passing after her Women’s World Cup victory.

Olga Carmona García is a Spanish professional footballer who is known for her role as a left-back. She plays for the Liga F club Real Madrid and represents the Spain national team.

In 2020, Olga Carmona signed with Real Madrid’s newly established women’s football section. She has also made appearances for the Spanish national teams, including the U-19 squad and the senior team.

Notably, she played a crucial role in Spain’s victory in the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023, scoring decisive goals and even captaining the team in key matches.

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Who Was Jose Verdasco, Olga Carmona Father?

Jose Verdasco was the father of Spanish professional footballer Olga Carmona García.

While limited information is available about him, his significance in Olga Carmona’s life and her journey to becoming a successful footballer cannot be understated.

Born in Seville, Andalusia, Olga showed an early passion for football, beginning her career at six with Sevilla Este.

Her father, Jose Verdasco, initially discouraged her from pursuing football. He had different aspirations for her, steering her towards activities like swimming, tennis, and flamenco dancing.

Despite his initial reservations, Olga’s unwavering determination eventually led her back to her true passion for football.

Jose Verdasco’s role in Olga’s life likely included providing support and encouragement, especially as she faced challenges and obstacles in her football journey.

His influence, even if indirect, played a part in shaping Olga’s determination and resilience.

Olga Carmona Father
Olga Carmona’s father sadly passed away before the World Cup. (Image Source: Sky News)

Tragically, Jose Verdasco’s life was marked by a prolonged illness. This illness ultimately led to his passing just two days before the 2023 Women’s World Cup Final.

This final match was pivotal in Olga Carmona’s career, as she played a central role in Spain’s victory, scoring the winning goal that secured the World Cup title.

Despite the immense personal grief she must have been experiencing, Olga demonstrated incredible strength and dedication by continuing to play at the highest level of the sport and contributing significantly to her team’s success.

Her father’s passing undoubtedly added a layer of emotional complexity to her historic achievement.

Olga Carmona Father Jose Verdasco Wikipedia And Age 

The details of Jose Verdasco’s personal life, including his age and background, are not extensively documented in publicly available sources.

He lived a life largely outside the spotlight, dedicating himself to nurturing his daughter’s talent and dreams.

Tragedy struck the Carmona family with the untimely news of Jose Verdasco’s passing.

While the specific cause of his death remains undisclosed, the profound impact of his loss reverberated throughout Olga’s world, the football community, and beyond.

Beyond the football pitch, Jose Verdasco’s connection with his daughter extended deep into their family life. Their bond was shared dreams, unconditional support, and unwavering love.

Olga Carmona Father
Jose Verdasco’s bond with his daughter: shared dreams, support, and love. (Image Source: ABC)

The love for football was not limited to Olga and her father alone. Their family shared a collective passion for the sport. 

While Jose Verdasco’s personal biography remains relatively private, his impact on Olga Carmona’s journey and the profound influence he had on her life is undeniable.

His support and that of the Carmona family have played a significant role in shaping Olga’s success and achievements as a football star.

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