Joseph Eaton Arrested

Police arrested Joseph Eaton, who is accused of murdering his parents and two family friends in Bowdoin, Maine, and charged him with four counts of homicide.

Joseph Eaton, a 34-year-old man, is facing murder charges after allegedly shooting and killing his parents and two family friends in Bowdoin, Maine. 

Just a day before the tragic incident, Eaton took to Facebook to express his struggles and question why some people claim to be Christian but cannot forgive or understand others. 

Eaton had recently been released from prison and had posted multiple messages on Facebook about his challenges and desire for forgiveness. 

He also allegedly shot three other individuals on Interstate 295 before being apprehended. Eaton is set to appear in District Court in West Bath on Thursday to face charges for the murders.

Joseph Eaton Arrested For Killing His Parents 

Joseph Eaton was arrested on Tuesday, April 18th, 2023, and charged with four counts of murder.

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Detectives surveying the location in Bowdoin where law enforcement officials claim that Joseph Eaton murdered four individuals, including his own parents. (Source:

The victims of the murders were his parents, Cynthia Eaton (62) and David Eaton (66), as well as their friends, Robert Eger (72) and Patricia Eger (62).

According to State Police Col. Bill Ross, Eaton confessed to the murders of his parents and friends and admitted to firing at vehicles on Interstate 295. 

Ross stated that Eaton claimed he was being followed, which led him to shoot at the passing motorists. 

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The victims’ bodies were found at the Egers’ home in Bowdoin, Maine, after a concerned friend called 911 when they could not reach the couple. 

Joseph Eaton’s Extensive Criminal History

Joseph Eaton, who was arrested for the murder of his parents and their friends, has a criminal record dating back to 2008 in three different states: Maine, Florida, and Kansas. 

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Joseph Eaton is being held responsible for the shooting deaths of four individuals in Bowdoin, Maine, according to CBS News. (Source: Twitter)

Jail and court records indicate that he has been convicted of felony aggravated assault, domestic violence assault, violence against a law enforcement officer, and possessing a concealed firearm as a convicted felon. 

Maine State Police initially identified Eaton as a resident of Bowdoin, but a background check revealed that his last known address was at the Maine State Prison in Warren.

In March 2022, Eaton was found guilty of felony assault while in prison, for which he was sentenced to eight months. 

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Before this, he had also been convicted of aggravated assault, operating under the influence, and domestic violence assault in Maine. 

Joseph Eaton’s History of Mental Health

According to court records from Florida, Joseph Eaton underwent a mental health, substance abuse, and domestic violence evaluation in 2017. 

During the evaluation, Eaton disclosed that he had been treated for PTSD and bipolar disorder. The doctor’s report showed that Eaton had a history of aggressive and violent behavior towards his ex-wife, which appeared to be related to his alcohol consumption and controlling tendencies. 

Eaton had outbursts and exhibited aggressive behavior towards his ex-wife, suggesting a preoccupation with her. The court recommended that Eaton attend weekly Alcoholics Anonymous meetings or a recovery program and complete a 26-week batterers’ intervention program. 

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These recommendations suggest that Eaton had a history of both mental health and substance abuse issues, as well as a tendency towards violent behavior, which may have contributed to the recent murders and shootings that he has been accused of.

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