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Joseph Eaton Jail: People are searching for this topic as Eaton was arrested on suspicion of killing four people in a home in Maine. Find out more about the incident here.

Joseph Eaton is an American man who is a suspect accused in the shooting deaths of 4 people in a Bowdoin, Maine, home. Reportedly, he went on a violent rampage in Maine on Tuesday before the police took him into custody.

It is reported that the shooting incident happened on Augusta Road. The scene was reported before many vehicles were shot at on I-295 in Yarmouth.

The bodies were found sometime Tuesday morning. A mobile crime lab arrived at the house around 3 pm, as a large police presence stayed on the scene in Bowdoin. 

Is Joseph Eaton In Jail?

According to the recent update regarding Joseph Eaton’s shooting case, he is in custody. Joseph has been charged with the murder of all four victims.

Reportedly, Eaton will make an initial court appearance later in the week. None of the victims have been publicly recognized, and no motive has been given. However, the police are planning to give an update soon.

Joseph Eaton jail
Joseph Eaton was accused in the shooting deaths of 4 people in Bowdoin, Maine. (Source: MEAWW)

The video of Eaton going live has been shared heavily, which he did before opening the fire. In the live stream, Eaton talked about his trauma and being molested.

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Joseph Eaton Arrested And Charged For Shooting 4 People

Joseph Eaton was arrested on suspicion of killing four people in a home in Maine. Also, he shot three drivers along a nearby interstate.

On Tuesday, Eaton went on a violent rampage in Maine. Maine State Police responded to a home in Bowdoin to find four victims dead. An attacker opened fire on cars driving along Interstate 295 in Yarmouth, and later he was identified as Eaton.

Three drivers were shot, and one of them is said to be in critical condition. Following the deadly shooting incident, Eaton was charged with four counts of murder. 

Joseph Eaton arrest
Joseph Eaton is in custody following his detention after a shooting incident happened on Tuesday. (Source: Facebook)

So, Eaton is expected to appear in court later this week. It is reported that Eaton remains at Two Bridges Regional Jail in Wiscasset, Maine. 

A neighbor told Maine’s Total Coveragea husband and wife lived at the house where the incident occurred and also revealed husband owns a concrete company and builds foundations.

As said earlier, Eaton also shared a video on Facebook where he wished people would forgive him and indicated he was dealing with trauma. 

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Who Is 34-Year-Old Joseph Eaton?

Joseph Eaton is a 34-year-old man from the United States of America whose name came into the media prominence following his arrest as he shot and killed four people.

More details regarding Joseph’s personal and professional lives have not been shared, as his name came into the media after a shooting incident.

Joseph Eaton fb
Joseph Eaton used to share photos on his Facebook account regularly. (Source: Facebook)

We can find his account on Facebook, which he used to show his lifestyle. It seems like Eaton was a married man, as he also talked about his kids on the recent live stream.

On his Facebook page, he also used to share images of his kids. 

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