Josh Alexander Suspended

A Canadian school St. Joseph’s Catholic High School, suspended its student, Josh Alexander, for rejecting/opposing transgender ideology.

The teenager reportedly attended school while suspended, which led to his arrest on Monday, 6 February 2023.

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Josh, currently 16 years old, was suspended from school in November last year. The high school told him only to return if he consented to attend two classes when trans students who considered his views offensive were present.

Let’s take a detailed look at the incident in today’s short article.

Josh Alexander Suspended: Arrest And Charges

According to Josh’s claim, there are just two genders; a person cannot switch between them. He also said that born-male students should not be allowed in the girls’ restroom.

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Josh took to Twitter to share the news of his arrest and charges. The high schooler wrote that Ontario Police Officer arrested him for attending classes after being excluded for indicating his intent to adhere to his religious beliefs.

Josh Alexander Suspended
Josh Alexander shared his arrest news through a Twitter post. (Image Source: Twitter)

In an interview with The Epoch Times recently, Josh said, “when I discussed my religious convictions in class, things got out of hand.”

Alexander continued, “that won’t be appealing to everyone. Therefore, I am not a bully. It doesn’t imply that I’m bothering anyone. They share their opinions, and I share mine. Mine didn’t fit the story.”

The self-described “born-again Christian” student allegedly organized a protest at his school against biological males using girls’ restrooms and argued in class that God created only two genders and is unchangeable.

The school suspended Josh for the first time in November after the incident.

The St. Joseph’s Catholic HS student described the classroom exchange to The Epoch Times as “many classmates, including trans students, were kind of yelling me down.”

His suspension was lifted in January 2023. However, it has been reported that Alexander’s exclusion effectively continued following the Renfrew County Catholic District School Board “excluded” him for the remainder of the academic year.

Josh Alexander Was Accused Of Bullying Transgender Pupils

The St. Joseph’s Catholic high school student was accused of bullying transgender students.

Alexander wonders if the formally non-disciplinary action will carry over the following year. James Kitchen, Alexander’s attorney, states that the school has charged his client with “bullying” transgender pupils.

The attorney added that his client didn’t bully trans pupils. He added, “Josh won’t look for them, insult them, or make fun of them.”

Josh Alexander Suspended
Josh Alexander’s attorney denied the accusation against him. (Image Source: Twitter)

He only did voice his opinions regarding what these individuals say, believe, and do. And he expresses them in the classroom and online, Josh Alexander’s attorney continued.

Josh Alexander Plans Appeal To The Provincial Human Right Tribunal

Josh Alexander intends to present his case before a school board panel by appealing his initial suspension to the provincial human rights tribunal.

The student has decided to appeal his original expulsion in addition to bringing this situation before a provincial human rights tribunal – Jame Kitchen stated that they would file that complaint this month.

A school board committee would then review the suspension to determine whether it was appropriate. But a technical snag hit the appeal.

It is reportedly being held up over the concern of parental autonomy. The school disclosed that Josh still lives with his parents.

On the other hand, the attorney stated although James lives with his parent, he runs his own life.

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