Joshua Da Silva Parents

As Joshua Da Silva continues to shine as West Indies cricket star, many people want to learn who is his upbringing and family member. So Who are Joshua Da Silva parents?

In the world of sports, several people have made a huge name for themselves. Trinidadian cricket star Joshua Da Silva is one of them.

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Since making his debut in 2018 for Trinidad and Tobago, he has proved his value in the field. The skilled cricketer made an international debut for the West Indies cricket team in late 2020.

While the right-handed batter is known for his prowess on the cricket field, his achievements are undoubtedly indebted to the unwavering support of his parents.

In today’s short article, let’s get to know his father and Mother and their role in shaping the cricketer’s life.

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Joshua Da Silva Parents: Father Michael And Caroline Da Silva

Prominent cricket player Joshua Da Silva was born on 19 June 1998 to his father, Michael Da Silva and mother, Caroline Da Silva.

What the cricketer’s mom and dad do for a living is unknown. Talking about Da Silva’s ethnicity and origin, he is of Portuguese descent, with some of his ancestors coming from Madeira.

Joshua Da Silva Parents
Joshua Da Silva mother, Caroline Da Silva and father, Michael Da Silva. (Image Source: Trinidad Guardian)

While his mom, Caroline, and paternal grandmother were Portuguese Canadians, while his dad, Michael, is a Trinidadian.

Father Michael and Mother Carolina Da Silva instilled in Joshua the values of perseverance and hard work from a young age.

The strong foundation laid by his parents’ principles became the cornerstone of Joshua’s character and determination. Throughout Joshua’s journey in cricket, he faced his fair share of setbacks and disappointments.

However, the constant encouragement and motivation from Father Michael and Mother Carolina helped him develop resilience and bounce back stronger.

Their unwavering belief in him during challenging times gave him the mental strength to overcome obstacles.

As Joshua’s cricketing career progressed, Father Michael and Mother Carolina’s dedication to their son’s success only grew stronger. They attended as many matches as possible, cheering him on from the stands and providing unwavering emotional support.

Their presence in his life continues to be a driving force behind Joshua’s accomplishments.

Get To Know Joshua Da Silva Mother Caroline Da Silva

The cricket star Joshua Da Silva’s mother, Carolina Da Silva, has garnered massive public attention recently.

One of the most memorable moments of India vs. West Indies’ second Test match in Trinidad and Tobago was not on the field but off it.

Joshua Da Silva Parents
Joshua Da Silva’s mother, Carolina Da Silva, was delighted to meet her favorite cricket player, Virat Kohli. (Image Source: The Stateman)

It happened when Indian cricket captain Virat Kohli met and hugged Caroline Da Silva, the mother of West Indies wicket-keeper Joshua Da Silva, who was playing on his home ground.

The heartwarming incident took place on the second day of the match. Joshua Da Silva’s mother, who is a big fan of Kohli, went to the match to meet Virat Kohli, not her son.

Kohli obliged and greeted Caroline Da Silva with a warm hug and a smile. Caroline Da Silva was overwhelmed by the gesture and broke down in tears of joy.

She later said that meeting Kohli was an honor for her. On the other hand, Joshua said Kohli made his mom’s day or probably the whole year.

The encounter video went viral on social media and showed the respect and admiration that Kohli commands among cricket lovers worldwide.

It also showcased his humble and gracious personality, which has earned him enormous love and support from millions of people.

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