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Joshua Kennington, an excellent and caring soldier who served in North Yorkshire, has passed away.

On November 24, a non-operational incident at Catterick resulted in the death of Private Joshua Kennington of 24 Squadron, 5 Medical Regiment, Royal Logistic Corps. Today, December 6, in the afternoon, the news was confirmed by the Ministry of Defense.

Before enlisting in the Army in 2020, it is believed that Private Kennington was raised in Glossop, Derbyshire. People who knew and cared about him said he had a natural aptitude for soldiering and was a proud RLC driver with a promising future.

Joshua Kennington Obituary: Young Soldier Death 

The Ministry of Defense has confirmed the passing of Royal Logistic Corps Private Joshua Kennington with deep sorrow. Following a non-operational incident at Catterick, he passed away on November 24, 2022.

Joshua Kennington dies
Pte Kennington died following a “non-operational” incident at Catterick garrison (Source: bbc)

Private Kennington was a courageous person who was always ready to help out. He was also a proud RLC Driver and the ideal representative of their most gifted younger generation.

Josh was kind, compassionate, and always willing to put others before himself. He was tragically taken from his grieving family and friends far too soon. Both his family and friends dearly loved Josh.

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They continued by saying that he passed away doing what he loved and that they would never forget him, no matter where he was.

His family details have not been revealed to the public yet.

Joshua Kennington Age At The Time Of Death 

Joshua, a young soldier, passed away at the age of 18 at an army base due to a “non-operational incident.”

At Catterick Garrison, the most significant British Army garrison in the world in Richmond, North Yorkshire, Private Kennington passed away after a “non-operational incident.”

Private Kennington, according to Major Tony Morgan, the officer in charge of 35 Squadron, 5 Medical Regiment, is a spirited and top-notch soldier. Additionally, he mentioned that the 35 Medical Squadron’s Private Josh Kennington was a young and popular soldier.

His passing is a tragic loss at such a young age and just beginning his promising military career.

Dr. Andrew Murrison, the minister for veterans, service members, and their families expressed his sorrow at learning of the passing of Royal Logistic Corps Private Josh Kennington. Joshua showed a natural aptitude for soldiering, he continued, and it was evident from his coworkers that everyone he served with, regardless of rank, admired and respected him.

Joshua Kennington In 35 Medical Squadron

Private Kennington had only recently joined the 35 Medical Squadron, but he had already made many friends and significantly impacted those who knew him. 

Private Josh Kennington, a young and well-liked member of 35 Medical Squadron who had only recently joined the Squadron, was described by Major Tony Morgan, Officer Commanding 35 Squadron, 5 Medical Regiment, as being an immediate hit.

Joshua Kennington death
35 Medical Squadron based at Catterick Garrison Headquarters in Yorkshire (Source:

Kennington was described as a sincere, good-hearted, decent person who strengthened the team by Lieutenant Colonel Catherine Masling, Commanding Officer of the 5 Medical Regiment. His unexpected death “is felt deeply” by the regiment.

The 5 Medical Regiment’s commanding officer, Lt Col Catherine Masling, praised Pte Kennington as a superb soldier with maturity beyond his years and a promising future. She continued he was a true professional, eager to take advantage of everything the Army had to offer and determined to perform well no matter the task.

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A spokesman for the Ministry of Defence stated that the investigation into Pte Kennington’s death was ongoing.

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