Juan Carlos Formell Death

Juan Carlos Formell death marked a profound loss in the music industry. He died on May 26, 2023, at the age of 59. 

Juan Carlos Formell was a Cuban bassist, guitarist, and composer. Born in Havana in 1964, he gained recognition for his distinctive style and contributions to Cuban jazz.

He was the son of maestro Juan Formell, the founder of the iconic Cuban orchestra Los Van Van.

Carlos Formell studied music at renowned conservatories in Havana and furthered his training at the National Art School of Cuba.

He later relocated to New York in 1993. Throughout his career, he collaborated with various notable musicians and left a lasting impact on the music industry.

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Juan Carlos Formell Death And Obituary

Carlos Formell, the Cuban bassist and guitarist, passed away in New York at 59. Carlos Formell made significant contributions to Cuban jazz and was known for his distinctive style as an instrumentalist.

His career included collaborations with notable figures in Cuban music. He released several albums, including his debut album “Songs from a Little Blue House,” which received a Grammy Awards nomination.

Formell joined Los Van Van as a bassist and played a crucial role in preserving his father’s musical legacy. His untimely demise is a significant loss to the music community.

Juan-Carlos Formell & YAMBANDO
Juan-Carlos Formell & YAMBANDO. (Image Source: Terraza 7)

After Juan Carlos Formell death, condolences and prayers have flooded social media and various platforms.

People from all walks of life, including fans, fellow musicians, and music enthusiasts, have expressed their deep sadness and offered sincere support to the Formell family during this difficult time.

The numerous messages of condolences and prayers testify to Carlos Formell’s impact on countless lives, illustrating the profound influence and lasting impression he left behind.

Did Juan Formell Son Die Of Heart Attack?

Yes, Juan Formell’s son, Carlos Formell, died of a heart attack on Friday at 59.

During the group’s performance at the Lehman Center in The Bronx, Juan Carlos Formell fell ill on stage, leading to the interruption of the show.

The performance eventually resumed with another bass player taking his place. Formell was subsequently taken to a nearby hospital for medical attention.

Known for his distinctive style as an instrumentalist, he collaborated with various notable figures in Cuban jazz, such as Emiliano Salvador, Guillermo Fragoso, and Joseíto González, director of the Rumbavana Orchestra.

 Juan Carlos Formell passed away while Los Van Van was performing in New York.
Juan Carlos Formell died while Los Van Van was performing in New York. (Image Source: Toda Cuba)

The Cuban group had faced challenges during their US tour, including visa difficulties that initially caused the postponement of the New York concert and the cancellation of another performance in Miami.

The circumstances surrounding Formell’s illness and subsequent passing have profoundly impacted the tour and the music community.

As captured in a chilling video, Carlos Formell suddenly ceased playing the bass and slowly made his way toward the side curtains, ultimately collapsing.

Concerned concert staff rushed to his aid while fellow musicians watched in shock.

Singer Robertón addressed the audience, expressing that Carlos appeared to have experienced a health issue, possibly linked to food consumption. 

As a young musician, Carlos Formell’s musical career led him down a path of self-discovery. His musical accomplishments will live on in memory.

This phase of his life involved his early musical education, experimentation with different instruments, and exploration of composition.

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