Juan Pedro Franco Weight Loss

Everyone is stunned after seeing Juan Pedro Franco weight loss. Let’s take a glance at the former world’s fattest man’s transformation before and after.

Juan Pedro Franco is the former heaviest man alive who has been making headlines from time to time on his weight. While it may seem incredible to break a world record, Juan almost lost his life doing so.

The Mexican national, who weighed 93 stone 9 lbs, or about the weight of 10 mature men, was named the World’s Heaviest Human in 2016 by Guinness World Records.

The former heaviest man is now much healthier and has shed much more weight than he was previously. Learn about his weight loss in more detail from this article.

Juan Pedro Franco Weight Loss: Before And After 

Juan Pedro is making headlines again after the news surfaced about the former world’s heaviest man’s weight loss. 

The man who held the Guinness World Record for being the heaviest person in 1996 had a dramatic turnaround after dropping an incredible 52 stone.

The Mexican nearly died after tipping the scales at 93 stone and 9 lbs, but he has now started to lose weight.

Another Mexican, Manuel Uribe, who weighed in at 597 kilograms in 2007, previously held that record. But in May 2016, he passed away.

He first made news earlier that year when horrifying images of him being driven from his home in Aguascalientes to a hospital in Guadalajara for life-saving treatment surfaced.

By the time Juan broke the world record at age 32, his weight had rendered him bed-bound, necessitating the assistance of eight people, and he was compelled to use a diaper since he couldn’t access a toilet.

Juan Pedro Franco Weight Loss
Juan Pedro Franco has recently lost considerable weight and is no longer bed-bound. (Source: Mirror)

When Juan was barely six years old, he reached a weight of 10 stone and began to have issues with it. A teen injury made matters worse, and by the time he was 17, he weighed more than 36 stone.

Juan told Guinness World Records, “My body just followed its path without any control whatsoever. I tried to diet daily, but nothing worked, and I lost hope.”

When Juan was barely six years old, he reached a weight of 10 stone and began to have issues with it.

A teen injury made matters worse, and by the time he was 17, he weighed more than 36 stone.

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Juan Pedro Franco Life-Changing Surgery

Juan Pedro started a weight-loss regimen in 2016.

Since, he has lost 329 kilograms, down from a startling 595 kilos, or roughly the same as a male polar bear. He currently weighs 266 kg. 

An obesity specialist in Guadalajara, Mexico, consented to operate on Juan after hearing his pleading for assistance. Juan got out of bed for the first time to undergo the life-altering procedure.

Juan Pedro Franco Weight Loss
Juan Pedro Franco, who once weighed 595 kg, had a life-changing surgery in 2018. (Source: NDTV)

He was identified as having type 2 diabetes, thyroid problems, hypertension, and fluids in his lungs while in the hospital.

He had already reduced 26 stone and 10 pounds by 2017, sufficient for him to be approved for the game-changing gastric band procedure.

Additionally, Juan continued to lose weight after the surgery by altering his diet and exercise routine. By 2019, he had lost one-third of his body weight.

Juan has shed an astonishing 52 stone in the last three years, and his current weight is 41 stone.

Juan discussed the change on Telemundo in Mexico and stated,

“Just being able to pick up your arms and get up every day, get up for a glass of water or to use the restroom, makes you feel amazing.

It feels great to be able to move around more and to be more independent.”

So, Mr. Franco is no longer in bed because he can walk and exercise more to keep his stature.

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