Jubin Nautiyal Wife

Rumors have surfaced over the media outlet that Jubin Nautiyal will soon make Nikita Dutta his wife. As the duo have been spotted at different events and collaborated at work, fans suspect they are more than co-workers.

Viewers who listen to the Indian music Industry may not be surprised to know the whereabouts of Nautiyal as he is a prominent playback singer and live performer.

For his singing talent, he has been awarded numerous accolades.

Recently, he became the recipient of the IIFA award for “Playback Singer (Male)” for the “Raataan Lambiyan” song in June 2022.

Besides, he has a long list of honors and accolades on the vast platform.

Many of his well-wishers keep an eye on him about his musical collaboration, relationship status, and many more, as he is a celebrity figure. With that, there has been a spread of his likely marriage with Nikita. 

Jubin Nautiyal Wife: Is He Married To Nikita Dutta?

Jubin Nautiyal has been the center of media attention after the rumor has taken over internet users. He is not married yet, but this famous Indian singer may soon take the step!

Jubin Nautiyal Talks About His Chemistry With His First On-screen Wife - Nikita Dutta And Claims They Are ‘Just Good Friends’
Nikita Dutta, Jubin Nautiyal’s first on-screen wife, and Jubin Nautiyal discuss their chemistry, saying they are “just good friends.” (Source- YouTube)

Nikita Dutta, an Indian Actress who performs in Hindi films and television, is suspected to be his sweetheart even though they have not mentioned being in a relationship.

Many of their fan bases keep broad interest in both as they are admired and searched personalities.

They have collaborated on different shows, too, and are suspected to be more than co-stars.

If the duo plans to officialize their romantic relationship through marriage, they may share the good news soon.

However, it is a mystery since their well-wishers have remained unanswered of their togetherness.

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Jubin Nautiyal And Nikita Dutta Relationship Timeline 

Jubin Nautiyal and Nikita Dutta have yet to officialize their relationship status despite the rumors. One can only precisely know their relationship timeline if they come forward with their love story.

Rumors keep surfacing the internet, and during an interview a few months ago, Jubin mentioned that they like spending time with each other but did not hint they are teaming up towards a relationship.

It looks like they hold a close relationship yet are not dating officially.

Also, a few months ago, Nikita Dutta was spotted by the paparazzi after she had come to receive her rumored boyfriend, Jubin Nautiyal, from the airport.

Likewise, as they have been spotted together at different places numerous times, their fan base’s suspect about their love life is not over yet. 

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Jubin Nautiyal and Nikita Dutta marriage rumors afloat as families meet each other
Jubin Nautiyal and Nikita Dutta marriage rumors afloat as families meet each other (Source- India TV News)

Jubin Nautiyal and Nikita Dutta Net Worth Difference

According to Oprice, Jubin Nautiyal has an estimated net worth of 16 million dollars, whereas according to the latest news, freshers live Nikita Dutta has a 1.5 million dollars net worth.

Similarly, their net worth difference results in 14.5 million dollars. Both have been enthusiastically dedicated to their work fields, and soon their fortune may expand.

Even though they work in the Indian entertainment industry, Nikita is proficient in acting skills, whereas Nautiyal has a powerful singing ability loved by millions of people worldwide.

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