Jude Chacko Killed

Jude Chacko ***** came as a shock to the world as the Indian student was gunned down in Philadelphia. Let’s explore more about him.

Jude Chacko was a 21-year-old student originally from India whose name has been the talk of the town lately. Chacko was shot to ***** in Philadelphia, US, by an unknown person.

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Khaleej Times first broke the news of Chacko’s *****, leaving the world in shock. The outlet also reported the young student was fatally shot when he was heading back home from work on Sunday.

Everyone is shocked by the ***** of Chacko as he is close to many people. Also, people have questioned citizens’ security as gun violence has been increasing lately.

Chacko’s ***** came after the killing of another Indian-origin person named Saiesh Veera, who was killed in April 2023.

Philadelphia Jude Chacko *****: Indian Student Shot in Philadelphia

Philadelphia resident Jude Chacko died after getting shot on Sunday. Khaleej Times reported that Jude was a student who also worked part-time. 

The same media outlet claimed that Chacko was attacked by two men during a robbery attempt. Initially, the name of the victim was not released, but later he was identified as Jude Chacko.

Jude Chacko *****
Philadelphia’s Jude Chacko was shot to ***** after two men tried to rob him while returning home from work. ( Source: Twitter )

As mentioned earlier, Jude was 21 years old at the time of his ******. Following his passing, everyone close to him is paying tributes, and they are also eager to know about his funeral services.

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Jude Chacko Obituary and Funeral Details

As of the time of this writing, Jude Chacko’s family’s official obituary had not yet been released. However, word of Chacko’s passing was widely disseminated online.

Everyone is aware of the tragic news, and tributes and condolence messages to the family members are pouring on social media.

Some Twitter users seem to be confused regarding Chacko’s passing as they couldn’t find verified media outlets covering the news of the Indian boy’s *****.

Jude Chacko Obituary
Jude Chacko was killed on Sunday and his funeral services is scheduled for Saturday at Philadelphia’s Malankara Catholic Church. ( Source: Times of India )

Furthermore, Genius Celebs also pay tribute to the young guy and condolence to the whole family and friends.

Reportedly, Chacko’s funeral is scheduled to be held on Saturday at Philadelphia’s Malankara Catholic Church. The service may be attended by the family and close ones.

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Who Was Jude Chacko Philadelphia? ****** Suspect Details

Jude Chacko was a boy from Philadelphia who originally hailed from India. According to a report, Chacko was living with his beloved parents, Roy Chacko and Asha Chacko. 

Roy and Asha reportedly migrated to the US more than 30 years ago. Further information regarding Jude’s family life. So, it can’t be mentioned whether Jude had siblings or not.

As stated above, Jude was shot to ***** while returning home from work as he was also a part-time worker. Two men allegedly tried to rob him.

Jude Chacko Philadelphia ******
Jude Chacko was a 21-year-old boy from Philadelphia whose ***** shocked the world. ( Source: Twitter )

So, the ******** came after the attempted robbery. At the time of this post, Chacko’s ****** suspect has not been arrested & the police department has not given further details.

From this, it can be said that an investigation may have been initiated as everyone is seeking justice.

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