Do people really know who David Spade’s parents are? Yes, he has quite a good relationship with his mother but a twisted parallel with his absentee father.

American actor, TV personality, and comedian David Spade became popular for hosting Saturday Night Live in the 1990s.

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Although he is famous himself, many don’t know about his parents. So let us dive right into it to find out more about his parents.

Who Are David Spade Parents?

David Spade was born on 22 July 1964 to his parents Judith M. Spade and Wayne M. Spade aka Sam. His mother Judith is a writer and magazine editor while his father Sam worked as a sales representative.

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As of now, David has a good parallel with his mother but a distance from his father.

David Wayne Spade with his mother, Judith on the occasion of mother’s day. Source: Twitter.

Unfortunately, David Spade’s parents enjoy a low-key lifestyle. Judith lives a life away from the media limelight. However, she is at times seen attending shows with her son and granddaughter.

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Judith M. Spade And Wayne M. Spade Divorce

David Spade’s parents parted ways soon after his family moved to Arizona in 1968. Judith M. Spade raised him along with his brothers.

Judith, being a single mother, raised her children in relative poverty. However, Sam took off from his responsibility as a father and distanced himself from his children after the divorce.

Also, he rarely visited his sons David, Andy and Bryan.

David Spade Has An Estranged Relationship With His Father

In a chapter of his audiobook titled A Polaroid Guy in a Snapchat World (available on Audible), Spade let slip his estranged relationship with his father, Wayne M. Spade. The former SNL host revealed that he stopped talking to his father after becoming a parent himself.

David Wayne posing with his father Sam Spade Source: Daily Mail.

He expressed that his absentee father was cool and funny. However, Spade’s father suddenly left him when he was just four years of age while his brothers Andy and Bryan were six and eight respectively.

Spade would see his father only two or three times a year while he was growing up. He recalls,

We never had his phone number, so we would be sitting at the doors with our bags if he wanted to see us.

Finally, after becoming a father himself in 2008, Spade’s life changed. Spade now feels that his daughter is the best thing in his life and genuinely cares for her.

Consequently, it is safe to assume that becoming a dad changed David Spade’s own parentage dynamics.

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Meet David Spade Daughter And Wife

No doubt Spade is very close to her daughter Harper Spade. Looking at his Instagram handle, the father-daughter duo is often seen enjoying together on various occasions including shows, holiday dinners, and more.

David together with his ex Jillian welcomed his daughter Harper on 26 August 2008.

David Spade enjoying himself with his ex-partner Jillian Grace and daughter Harper Spade. Source: People

Though it’s hard to tell his co-parenting relationship with his former partner, Grace.  Nevertheless, everything seems well with their relationship as no such troublesome news has been confirmed yet.


Who Is Kate Spade To David Spade?

Kate Spade is David Spade’s sister-in-law.

Is David Spade A ******-****** Victim?

Yes, Spade had a failed ****** ****** by his personal assistant.

Did Spade Donated To The Police Department?

Yes, he generously gave away a whopping $100 thousand to the Phoenix Police Department.

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