Judith Heumann Death

Judith Heumann death news has been flooding the Internet, as her team has confirmed the news. 

Heumann was a disability rights activist and advocated for including people with disabilities in society. 

She was diagnosed with polio at 18 months, which resulted in her becoming a wheelchair user for the rest of her life.

Judith pursued her education and became a leading advocate for disability rights.

Her works have been recognized internationally; she was known as the “mother of the disability rights movement,”

Heumann co-founded the Disabled in Action organization in 1973, which played a significant role in passing the Rehabilitation Act.

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Judith Heumann Death And Obituary

Judith Heumann died on Saturday, March 4, 2023, at 75. Her team confirmed the news on Saturday afternoon. 

She was a prominent advocate for disability rights and was vital in passing disability rights legislation.

Heumann co-founded national and international disability advocacy organizations, held senior federal government positions, and co-authored her memoir, Being Heumann.

She was also featured in the documentary film Crip Camp: A Disability Revolution.

Heumann contracted polio when she was two years old and was advised by her doctor to be institutionalized.

But she never lost hope; she continued reading and made her parents proud. She attended a particular school, Long Island University, where she earned a B.A.

She earned a Master’s in Public Health at University of California, Berkeley. Heumann inspired many differently-abled people; she encouraged them to work for themselves. 

After the death of the disability rights activist, people have been sharing and learning more about her. Viewers have been sharing condolence with her family and friends. 

Judith Heumann met her husband Jorge Pineda on August 3, 1991.
Judith Heumann met her husband, Jorge Pineda, on August 3, 1991. (Image Source: Twitter)

Her family has asked for privacy at this challenging time, and she has left her husband, Jorge Pineda, and a close family member. 

Pineda and Heumann did not share any information about their children, so we all are unknown if the rights activist had any children. 

How Did The Mother of the Disability Rights Movement Die?

Through this source, it was confirmed that she died on Saturday afternoon. She was surrounded by her family when she had her last breath. 

But the reason behind her death has not yet been confirmed by any sources. People believe that it was a natural death. 

Heumann was not suffering from any illness; she never disclosed having any severe health issues which might cause her death. 

Advocate for Rights of Disabled people, Judy Heumann died at the age of 75.
Advocate for the Rights of Disabled People Judy Heumann, died at 75. (Image Source: Judy Heumann)

She was 75, and the age has a high rate of natural death, so many believe it was a natural death. 

Heumann was living with her loving husband, Jorge Pineda, and they shared a close bond. 

She was the sister of Joseph Heumann, who also shared her death news with the public. 

Joseph is an author and film professor; he also taught film at a University for an extended period. 

Judith Heumann’s Net Worth Before Death 

Heumann was private about her career earnings, and she never shared her net worth publicly. 

But as of the data, her net worth was $1.52 million. As she has not mentioned her net worth, the amount might be slightly less or more than her actual net worth. 

Additionally, she received speaking fees, honorariums, or other forms of compensation for her public speaking engagements.

Still, most of her work focused on advocating for disability rights rather than earning a personal income.

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