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Many people are searching for Wikipedia details about Julie Robinson Belafonte after the news of her husband, Harry Belafonte’s *****.

Harry Belafonte, a singer who broke through racial barriers and gained popularity in the 1950s with his unique style of folk music, passed away at 96. He was also a prominent figure in the civil rights movement and died in his home on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.

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Harry was also known for his work in the civil rights movement and for advocating various social causes. 

However, his personal life has also been a topic of interest for many people after his *****. This article will focus on his ex-wife Julie Robinson Belafonte and their children, Gina Belafonte and David Belafonte.

Julie Robinson Belafonte Wikipedia Details

There is no Wikipedia page dedicated to Julie Robinson Belafonte at the moment.

Harry Belafonte and his second wife
Julie Robinson, the ex-wife of Harry Belafonte, was previously involved in the entertainment industry as a dancer and actress. (Source: ecelebritymirror.com)

Julie Robinson was the second wife of Harry Belafonte, the renowned American singer, songwriter, Actor, and social activist. They married in 1957 and were together for almost five decades before their separation in 2004. 

Julie Robinson was an Actress who established her career in the entertainment industry. 

She appeared in several films, including Lust for Life (1956), a biographical Drama about the life of Vincent Van Gogh, A Safe Place (1971), and Buck and the Preacher (1972). 

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Besides acting, Julie was a costume designer and producer on various projects. In addition to her work in the film industry, Julie Robinson made a television appearance in 2016. 

Julie Robinson Kids Gina Belafonte And David Belafonte

Julie Robinson has two kids who are Gina Belafonte And David Belafonte.

Their daughter, Gina Belafonte, was born in New York City on September 8, 1961. Gina is an Actress and producer and has worked on several notable films and TV shows. 

Gina posted a picture of her mother on her Instagram profile and wrote a caption expressing her love and gratitude towards her mother. (Source: Instagram)

Some of her most prominent roles include her performance in the Spike Lee film BlacKkKlansman and her recurring role in the TV series The Commish. Gina is also involved in activism and social justice work and has served as the Executive director of the Sankofa.org organization.

David Belafonte, their son, was born on September 30, 1957, also in New York City. David was an Actor and writer who appeared in several films and TV shows. 

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Some of his notable acting credits include his role in the action-thriller film Timebomb and his appearances in TV shows such as Fantasy Island and The Love Boat. 

Harry Belafonte And Julie Robinson Split Reason

Harry Belafonte and Julie Robinson’s marriage lasted nearly five decades, a remarkable achievement. Despite being together for such a long time, the couple’s divorce in 2008 shocked many. 

Although the reason for their separation was not publicly disclosed, Harry provided some insights into their relationship in his memoir, My Song.

Harry described feeling trapped and suffocated in his marriage with Julie in the book. He talked about how he struggled to express himself and could not be authentic in the marriage. 

He further stated that the marriage had become a source of anger and frustration for him, and he felt he needed air to breathe.

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While the reason for their separation remains undisclosed, Harry’s memoir sheds some light on the challenges in their marriage.

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