Justice Starks

Detroit Police are looking into the ***** of Justice Starks, who belonged to a Metro Detroit family.

Justice Starks tragically passed away after suffering injuries while being watched by a family friend, but Police say there are still many unanswered questions.

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Butler Funeral Home – Detroit in Detroit, MI, made a public announcement regarding the passing of Justice Starks on Thursday, December 1, 2022, at the age of one.

The funeral home reports that the following services have been planned: On December 15, 2022, at Butler Funeral Home, 12140 Morang Dr, Detroit, MI, a viewing will begin at 3:00 pm and end at 7:00 pm.

Justice Starks *****: What Happened To Her?

Justice Starks tragically passed away after suffering injuries while being watched by a family friend, but Police claim there are still many unanswered questions.

According to Detroit Police, Justice Starks died after falling down some stairs while being cared for by her mother’s friend.

The Detroit Police Department says it is looking into some complaints and is conducting an investigation.

She would be with him right now if she were still alive because it was one of his days to have her, according to her Father. Starks took great pride in being a Father. He claims that Justice was cared for, cherished, and honored in his home.

He confessed that she made so many people happy and made his life so pleased that he looked forward to seeing her.

Justice was in the care of both Starks. He claims she was with her mother the week before she passed away and that he went to pick her up right before Thanksgiving.

Justice Starks Father Jenerius Starks Demands Answers

Justice Starks’s Father, Jenerius Starks, is asking questions in response to the tragic ***** of his daughter in Detroit.

The girl’s Father stated that he shares custody with Justice’s mother and that he allegedly received a text from her saying that Justice had fallen down the stairs and hit her head while his daughter was with the mother’s friend.

Justice Starks father
Justice Starks with her father (Source: fox2detroit.com)

The injuries, according to White, were accidental because the child was in the care of a non-parent. Based on what they’ve learned, the mother may have left the child with that individual.

The investigation causes them to rethink a few of the problems they’re looking into.

Justice’s Father claims that his daughter was pronounced brain-dead two days after being admitted to the hospital and died this week. While the DPD continued investigating what happened, he claimed his heart was broken.

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White admitted that they simply don’t know enough and aren’t prepared to declare anything.

He also mentioned that they are looking into several concerns and that several investigators are searching through everything. He is confident that they will have information to share regarding this investigation by Monday.

Justice Starks’s Condition While ***** 

Justice’s Father revealed that she was in terrible shape and had pink meat stuck up her nose. He added that she had two knots on her head and blisters on her knuckles and was explaining to him that she had hands, mouth, and foot disease.

Justice Starks *****
Police are still investigating on Justice Starks’s ***** (Source: fox2detroit.com)

Despite having reservations, Starks claims he gave Justice’s mother the benefit of the doubt.

He stated that since he had her from Wednesday afternoon to Sunday night, he didn’t want to give her back that Sunday. He expressed his regret at having seen her for the last time.

Starks claims he received the text informing him that his daughter had fallen and suffered a severe brain injury.

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By the time Justice arrived at the hospital, according to Starks, he was surrounded by breathing tubes, a ventilator, and eight IVs. Justice later received a brain ***** diagnosis and died on December 1. 

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